Philadelphia To Lancaster: What To See In A Weekend

While Lancaster may not be as well referred to as Philadelphia, there's plenty to see both in cities which is a worthwhile adventure. To start, Philadelphia, the original capital from the U.S., is known for its cheese stakes and for the Rocky steps. For readers who don't know, the fictional boxer Rocky in the movie Rocky is famous for running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia.

If you are traveling from Philadelphia to Lancaster or vice versa, you can go ahead and take Amtrak train for under $50 round-trip per person. When you reach Lancaster, you will be surprised to find yourself in another world– one by having an entirely different culture.

Amish Country– Experience A Centuries-Old Way Of Life

Being the county’s oldest Amish settlement, Lancaster Country is arguably the best place to have an Amish experience.


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Amish activities include buggy rides, crafts, and food. On some tours, you can even milk a cow and collect fresh eggs! If you prefer a more in-depth experience where you can really learn about how the Amish people live, you can go on a LoKal Experience to possess a true Amish experience. You travel through the countryside, in which you get to an Amish home and have a tour of the farm and a meal with a real Amish family. It’s a terrific way to totally immerse yourself in the culture. This unique adventure is one that you'll remember throughout your life.

From the Countryside Towards the City: Next Stop, Philadelphia

Whether you start your adventure in Lancaster or Philadelphia, they actually are part of two different worlds. While Lancaster is about life in the farm, Philadelphia is a bustling city with museums, restaurants and cafés, and so much more to understand more about.

So, what’s stand out about Philadelphia, anyways? There are many other cities to go to around America. Well, Philadelphia is one of the most historical cities within the U.S., not only since it used to be the U.S. capital, but due to its great museums, many antique stores, and also the Liberty Bell (Duh)! As well as Independence Hall, where the Founding Fathers came together to sign the Declaration of Independence. You don’t have to be a brief history buff to understand what Philly provides.

Have you ever were built with a traditional Philly Cheese Steak? This delicious sub full of meat and cheese is exactly what you ought to have for supper in your first day within the city. You can always visit the famous competitors Pat’s or Geno’s, but may finding a hole-in-the-wall sub shop is the best spot to look for a traditional Philly Cheese Steak– one that's mouth-watering and value the trip.

For Rocky fanatics, the Rocky steps and the Rocky statue are a big attraction. These of course are true steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but they became so famous that they are now more commonly known as the Rocky Steps. An enjoyable move to make there is to run up these steps really fast and jump up and down when you get to the very best (basically recreating the film). This is especially fun to do with kids!

Philadelphia is really a city with attitude and pizazz, never ceasing to delight its visitors. There is a lot to complete and so many places to go the choices endless. Sometimes, it's smart to go for a walk round the cobblestone steps and the nearby shops and merely experience it all.

The Best Season To determine The Leaves Change Making Your Trip Worthwhile

You may be wondering just when was the optimum time to make this trek, and there are lots of answers depending on several factors. Do you want to freeze, do you want to be rained on, do you want to burn, or do you want the cool crisp weather of fall?

Now, this might sound extreme, but for those who have lived in a four-season climate, fall is seen as an amazing time. Specifically, at the begining of fall once the weather conditions are in the 60s and 70s, there is a cool breeze on your neck, and many important of, the leaves change color. For those who have not seen leaves change color in New England, it is a sight to behold. Bright orange, deep reds and purples, and bright yellows all combine within the countryside. You need to arrive for your trip early enough in the fall that it is still warm, and late enough so that you get the full impact of nature’s beauty. This way, the train ride forwards and backwards cities is going to be an important part of your spectacular adventure.

Whether you start in Philly or Lancaster, this trip will be one filled with history, the beauty of nature, and the fun of the city. It's rare to have the chance to meet somebody that is Amish and to begin to see the Liberty Bell is on many peoples’ bucket lists. There’s so much to see– you are in for a journey you will not forget.

  • Location: 128 E. Grant St, Suite 402, Lancaster, PA 17602
  • Duration: 2 hours and Fifteen minutes
  • Group Size: Each group holds a maximum of 14 people
  • Tour Times: Tour leaves every single day except Sundays at noon
  • Hours: Open from 8 AM to 5 PM every single day except Sundays

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