5-Day Bucket-List Road Trip Circuit: Explore Nevada


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  • Day 1: Las Vegas
  • Day 2: Through Valley of Fire State Park to Cathedral Gorge State Park
  • Day 3: Black Rock Desert
  • Day 4: Lake Tahoe Then to Carson City
  • Day 5: To Las Vegas

Nevada is the home of locations where are both dramatic and inspiring. Home of both deserts and green, this state includes a deep and meaningful history.

The town of Vegas is the starting point with this journey, with all the everything it has to offer. However the main purpose of the 5-day journey would be to adventure through Nevada’s vast remoteness, to experience the sweetness this state provides.

Day 1: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known and infamous for an abundance of reasons that don’t need to be specified. Whether travelers to Vegas wish for a tame or less tame adventure there is a bit for everybody. Some people to the town may just wish to benefit from the sights and lights and maybe a deluxe dining experience, others may go for another thing. In either case, here are some suggestions for the very first day of the road trip.

  • Must-Visit – Our prime Roller at The LINQ Ticket, Madame Tussauds, The Strip

Mon Ami Gabi

This is a delicious French bistro and steakhouse that is quite renowned in Vegas. Enjoy delicious cuisine as well as fine wines using their rolling wine cart, prior to going out and enjoying Vegas.

  • Address – 3655 Vegas Blvd S Paris Las Vegas, Vegas, NV 89109-4345
  • Contact – (702)944-4224
  • Cost – $$-$$$
  • Must-Try – Flat-Iron Steak
  • Menu

Tacos El Gordo

There isn't any wrong duration of the day to savor Tacos El Gordo. This family-owned and operated company continues to be area of the niche for 40 years though it first opened in Vegas this year. They are well-known for his or her delicious tacos as well as excellent service so make sure to visit and give them a trip.

  • Address – 3049 Vegas Blvd S, Vegas, NV 89109-1960
  • Contact – 702-982-5420
  • Cost – $
  • Must-Try – Carne Asada
  • Menu

Day 2: Through Valley of fireside State Park to Cathedral Gorge State Park

For this very day, travelers will adventure through a couple of Nevada’s state Parks, Valley of fireside State Park and Cathedral Gorge State Park. Valley of Fire State Park is a short trip out of Las Vegas and travelers can fit in a morning hike before making the drive to Cathedral Gorge State Park. There, travelers can enjoy their afternoon experiences with the stunning geography and maybe catch the sunset.

  • Driving Distance – 212 miles, Three hours 27 minutes
  • Google Maps

Valley of Fire State Park

This is Nevada’s oldest and largest state park with connections to early human residences including 3,000-year-old Indian petroglyphs. Take the time and select one of the short hiking trail options below to understand more about this region before continuing your vacation.

  • Trail Maps

Cathedral Gorge State Park

This day's afternoon destination is Cathedral Gorge State Park. This park hosts various hiking trails featuring such as eroded soft bentonite clay. Travelers may get just a little dirty while exploring the location, but fortunately, there are showers and restrooms located on the grounds.

  • Trail Maps

Side Track Restaurant

Here is a touch lunch suggestion for travelers enroute to Cathedral Gorge State Park. Well reviewed through the locals, this is a great stop for burgers, pizzas, and even a flavorful salad with quality ingredients. All this at a bargain price and conveniently along the way.

  • Address – 190 Clover St, Caliente, NV 89008, Usa
  • Contact – (775)726-3164
  • Cost – $-$$

Day 3: Black Rock Desert

This is a long driving day, but the terrain that's traveled through is part of the adventure. Travelers ought to be certain to leave early, so they leave themselves enough time to benefit from the Black Rock Desert. This website is the famous home of Burning Man along with the location of land speed tests. There are hot springs in the area as well as campsites. If the plan is to spend the night in the desert, be sure to stock up on some supplies before doing so.

  • Resupply Here – Star Point Trading Post & RV Park, Google Maps
  • Driving Distance – 473 miles, 8 hours 29 minutes
  • Google Maps

Black Rock Hot Springs

The vast wildness and remotes of Black Rock Desert are the place to find many spectacular locations including Black Rock Hot Springs. Found on the fringe of the famous Playa, this really is a significant wondrous and remote oasis. It might be fit to find an experienced off-road driver to take you there if that's the way you wish to access them.

  • Friends of Black Rock – 320 Main St. (Po Box 224), Gerlach, NV
  • Friends of Black Rock Contact – (775)557-2900
  • Google Maps

Black Rock Campsites

There are various locations as well as styles of camping available in the Black Rock Desert. They vary from primitive-style camping to outdoor camping of the car. Here are a few options and locations to consider.

  • Campsites
  • Camp Maps

Day 4: Lake Tahoe Then to Carson City

At 6,225 feet above sea level, Lake Tahoe offers a few of the bluest waters in the midst of the greenest surroundings that can be found anywhere. This leg from the journey, directly following the time spent in the desert, shows the dichotomy of Nevada’s landscape. Take some time and revel in adventuring the waters before making your way to Carson City to spend your evening.

  • Driving Distance – 201 miles, 4 hours 35 minutes
  • Google Maps

Alpha One Watersports Kayak & Paddleboard Rental & Delivery

Here you are able to rent a kayak or a paddleboard to venture out onto Lake Tahoe. This is a highly recommended method for a traveler to spend some of the day, especially following a night within the desert.

  • Address – 923 Incline Way, Incline Village, NV 89451, Usa
  • Contact – 775-413-4463
  • Cost – (Paddle Board) $50 for any day, (Single Kayak) $50 for a day, (Tandem Kayaks) $65 for any day
  • Website

The Basil

The Basil is really a Thai-style restaurant out of Carson City with food supplied by Chef Nan who strives for everyone authentic and quality dishes. This is actually the perfect location to refresh after recent adventures.

  • Address – 311 N Carson St, Carson City, NV 89701-4203
  • Contact – (775)841-6100
  • Cost – $$-$$$
  • Must-Try – Spicy Noodle with Chicken and Shrimp
  • Social Media

Day 5: Back to Las Vegas

After these past few times of adventures, the time is right for travelers to make their way back to Vegas. But, there's still a while before marking the official end of this journey. Get out there and enjoy Vegas once more!

  • Driving Distance – 431 miles, 6 hr 54 min
  • Google Maps
  • Total Driving Distance – 1,332 miles
  • Total Driving Time – 23 hours 14 minutes
  • Route Map

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