8 Fascinating Treehouse Rentals In Ohio

Ohio has lately emerged to become one of America's best-hidden secrets when it comes to tourism. Vacationers stream into Ohio throughout the year, not only because of its beautiful lakes or calm weather but in addition for the beautiful treehouses. With overwhelming possibilities, travelers truly are spoiled for choice. The supply of treehouses adds a little touch of luxury even going to the standard vacations.

Stranded around the best treehouse spots for the next Ohio vacation? This is an in depth listing of fascinating treehouse rentals in Ohio.

8 Treehouse Lodge

As the name suggests, this website isn’t just a regular treehouse. It's much more of a three-bedroom bungalow up there using the trees. Unlike other fascinating treehouse rentals in Ohio, this lodge is made to accommodate large families. This lodge is famed because of its remarkable common area that creates room for indoor bonding activities. The Treehouse Lodge comes with an eight-bed capacity and may host more people without compromising comfort. The presence of an inside fireplace makes anything else about this treehouse super fascinating.

  • Location: Dundee
  • Cost: $325+/night

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7 Moonlight Treehouse

Who said holidays are a preserve for your loved ones setting only? No! Contrary, vacays are the best approach to take for a spicy relationship among romantic partners. When searching for an intimate spot to relax in Ohio, not one of them beats the convenience from the Moonlight Treehouse. This treehouse is popular among honeymooners due to the fact of their unique design. It is a well-furnished establishment fitted with a bridge that works as a viewpoint. Thanks to this bridge, tourists possess a better look at the surrounding trees as they benefit from the resulting chilled outdoors. Two bedrooms and a fully furnished kitchen are some of the key amenities related to this epic structure.

  • Location: Glenmont
  • Price: $400+/night

6 Tullihas Within the Trees

While most treehouses in Ohio happen to be furnished to satisfy customer expectations throughout a vacation, Tullihas in the Trees may be the direct opposite. It is popularly known as the epic off-grip treehouse adventure for a reason. Without any flowing water, electricity, or central heating, the Tullihas in the Trees is, with a, a wilderness of some kind. Vacationers searching for fascinating treehouse rentals in Ohio get one interesting option here. Unlike typical treehouses, the Tullihas within the Trees has kept everything natural. After all, adventure is all about nature, and that is all the design of this house is about. With about 230 acres of land surrounding it, the range of activities available is countless. The house has a double bed, a single bed, along with a cot which shows how much it may accommodate.

  • Location: Frazeysburg
  • Price: $125+/night

5 The Arrow

The work of the arrow would be to shoot, and that's just what this treehouse is about. It offers a superior a proper shot of the items life and nature have to give you. The Arrow is among the top fascinating treehouse rentals in Ohio by far. Its classic structure leaves everything to become admired by vacationers. Designed with a queen-sized bed along with a bathroom, The Arrows gives tourists large rooms all on their own. Chaotic as they may look externally, these treehouses really are a rare, super comfortable classic gateway.

  • Location: Dundee
  • Price: $159+/night

4 The Acadia Cliffs Treehouse Cabin

Covering approximately 52 square meters, The Acadia Cliffs Treehouse Cabin is among the modern gateways in Ohio worth every penny. Furnished having a king-sized bed, this treehouse can host as much as four guests. The state of the common area also tells a tale of a perfectly crafted getaway.

  • Location: Cutler, Ohio
  • Price: $200+/night

3 Whispering Pines Treehouse

Soaring 22 feet over the ground, the Whispering Pines Treehouse is really a worthy inclusion within the list of fascinating treehouse rentals in Ohio. This rentals are ideal for vacationers searching for luxury and peace of mind in their adventure. The 22-feet elevation means there is a free treetop giving tourists a unique look at the area from available online for. The treehouse is also equipped with a well-furnished bedroom, kitchen, and a state-of-art common area ideal for couples.

  • Location: Millersburg
  • Price: 200+/night

2 Romantic Treehouse Adult Getaway

This treehouse is famed because of its strategic location, among other aspects. Situated along the hillside of the mighty Hocking Hills, this treehouse gives vacationers an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful serenity from up there. Its proximity to tourist sites like the Ash Cave also means tourists come with an extra treat at their disposal. This rentals are made to be a luxury and romantic getaway with all the necessary amenities. The standout options that come with this treehouse are its well-manicured bathroom and kitchen. The windows will also be automated such that they can vary from being transparent to opaque with a single press from the switch.

  • Location: Hocking Hills, Ohio
  • Price: $280+/night

1 The Box

Vacationers looking for spectacular treehouse rentals in Ohio have the opportunity to choose from classic houses or modern ones. It's a race between then and today, using the end game being comfort and leisure. This area is a good example from the modern treehouses open to tourists. Initially a shipping container, this home is fully furnished having a kitchenette, living space, and bath. The house is spacious enough for any family getaway if you don't take away the luxurious feel.

  • Location: Dundee, Ohio
  • Price: 200+/night

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