9 Awesome Things you can do In Hakone, Japan

Tourism in Japan is primarily understood in the context of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Unfortunately, many people do not realize there are other tourist destination spots in Japan having a richer history and high-end amenities for any luxe vacation.Hakone, specifically, is really a mountainous town in the outcasts from the Japanese capital, Tokyo, whose vibrant tourism activity is to be admired by all. Here are a few awesome things you can do in Hakone, Japan, for an eventful vacation.

9 Hakone Shrine Visit

Japan is one of the few Asian countries whose traditional faith still hold. The perfect spot to experience these faith firsthand may be the Hakone Shrine. Popularly considered to be probably the most sacred devote the region, visiting this shrine is probably the many awesome things you can do in Hakone, Japan. Locals think that this shrine is assigned to best of luck. Adventuring couples are highly encouraged to go to the Hakone Shrine to find blessings and favors for his or her marriage life.

8 Okada Museum of Art

Since opening its doors in 2013, the Okada Museum of Art has turned into a household name, thanks to its increased tourism activity. The purpose of its launch was to create a place where local artists could display their art and market Japan towards the world, an objective that's been met already. Aside from the art, vacationers in addition have a opportunity to enjoy some free-flowing spring water inside the facility, which spices in the whole adventure.

7 Gora Park Tour

Visiting the French-inspired Gora Park is part of the awesome activities to do in Hakone, Japan. The key highlight of this park may be the existence of a sizable fountain in the centre. The mysterious sequence by which water shoots up in the air and right down to the park is an incredible experience no adventurer in the Hakone township should miss. Also, the park is encompassed by a number of flowers, many of which are seasonal.

6 Hakone Ropeway

Cable cars have recently end up being the new trend for parks to showcase their beautiful scenery from up there. Adventurers who've never been to a cable car before now have a chance to do this. Rising above Owakudani, certainly one of Japan’s famous tourist spots, tourists are treated to breathtaking views of a few of the region’s treasures.

5 Hakone Tozan Rail Adventure

Dubai has, in recent days, hit the headlines for that massive transformation it's undergone to become a luxury tourist destination. What people have a tendency to forget is how far Japan, too, has come since the 1945 bombings. Although Hakone wasn't among the bombing spots, it's still a great example to show what resilience can perform. As the world is pulling together huge financial resources to create tourism spots, Hakone does the opposite by using the available local resources. That Hakone Tozan train alone is sufficient for an ordinary adventure to understand exactly what the Hakone neighborhood provides.

4 Lake Ashi Boat Ride

Surrounded by thick forest covers, Lake Ashi is one of the key features within the Hakone area worth every adventurer’s attention. The lake is said to become a product from the neighboring mountain’s volcanic activity more than 3,000 years back. Today, the river is a beehive of activity, with tourists from across the globe streaming directly into grab a boat ride across the lake. The presence of resorts on the lakeside means all of the vacationer's needs are well catered for.

3 Chisuji Falls Adventure

Philosophers have argued that sitting beside some naturally water is really a type of therapy by itself. Assuming this argument is true, the Chisuji Falls form the perfect location for that. With a 20-meter width, vacationers have quite a large view of the smoothly slithering water. The region around the falls is covered with maple trees which shows why this adventure is a worthy inclusion in the awesome things you can do in Hakone, Japan. Not even the mere three-meter height of the falls may take everything from the fall’s epic sceneries.

2 Mt. Kintoki Hike

Hiking is among the most intense activities every adventurer needs to participate in. If in the larger Hakone township, Mt. Kintoki is the best option for a memorable hiking experience. The mountain has essential amenities such as washrooms in strategic sections, which shows the amount of a worthy hiking trail it can be. Mt. Kintoki also enjoys proximity to other tourist destinations like the Kintoki Shrine, meaning visitors are given a double treat. Also, there is a tour guide to help visitors in their hiking activities and explain more about the rich good reputation for the area.

1 Try Sushi

Indulging in the local cuisine is among the how to blend naturally with the local community. Japanese cuisine sticks out globally due to its dependence on sushi. Eating raw meals are not for everybody, but this does not mean people cannot attempt even a piece. Seafood sushi and soup are particularly delicious and nutritious enough, and visitors have every reason to try them out. For the vegetarians, Japan and also the general Hakone area are known for their passion for vegetable stir-fries meaning every vacationer’s needs are met.

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