15 Instagramable Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Sublimely situated on the dazzling Datamatian coast overlooking the azure Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is among Croatia's top bucket list destinations – and it's all up to the fascinating history, fairytale beauty, and charming culture. Catapulted to worldwide stardom because of its appearance in the block-busting Tv show Game of Thrones, the town, and its magnificently preserved Old Town is a unique host to astounding marvel that may only be savored in person – not in pictures.Still, with lots of jet-setters taking travel inspiration from globetrotting Instagrammers, Dubrovnik has become an influencer's heaven thanks to its stunning architecture, mighty medieval fortresses, and it is breathtaking beaches that rival any of Europe's most photogenic spots of sun, sand, and sea. With Instagram-worthy shots at seemingly every angle of the city and its sensational surrounding parts, the most seasoned influencers and photographers will find choosing its most Instagrammable parts to become a tricky task. However, amongst all of Dubrovnik's surreal photo ops perfect for inducing Instagram Inspo, these specific picks are the type that discerning Insta-lovers simply cannot skip.Related: These Airbnbs Alllow for The Most Comfortable Remain in Dubrovnik

15 The Walls Of The Old City

A dream Dubrovnik trip is not a dream Dubrovnik trip without having to walk along this majestic medieval metropolis's old city walls. With a photo opportunity at each step, this imposing wall originally constructed to bolster Dubrovnik's defenses is one of its most Instagrammable spots. Being an official UNESCO World Heritage Site – a prestigious status it was bestowed in 1979 – visitors can connect to the walls at three different entrances before walking within the footsteps of the ancient seaside city's historic folk.

14 The Jesuit Staircase

Nicknamed “The Shame Stairs” by Game of Thrones buffs who witnessed the show's infamous in-the-buff scene, this Baroque staircase is among Dubrovnik's most distinguishable attractions. It is on these stairs the nefarious Cersei Lannister made her oh-so-satisfying walk of shame in her own birthday suit as punishment on her crimes, and visitors can walk in her own villainous feet themselves – fully clothed obviously (indeed many people have tried to relive the scene in the literal sense, causing much offense and some arrests). Naturally, for the best photos, make sure to make it happen early before the waves of holidaymakers with the same intent roll out of bed and head on down.

13 Rector's Palace

The Rector’s Palace accustomed to serve as a government office and living quarters for its prominent civil servants and is now a little museum telling the story of Dubrovnik, in addition to housing lots of its fascinating artifacts and displays. Despite having been destroyed previously by gunpowder explosions, not once, but twice, it still remains an amazing building of splendor and it is a stupendous spectacle to worship on influencers' travel feeds. Additionally, the palace was used as a film location for the fictional city of Qarth in Game of Thrones, that also contributes to its popularity. To get photos free of crowds, be sure to make it happen when the doors first open – the sooner, the better.

12 The Old Town Streets

It's impossible to pinpoint exact streets to snap photos at for your IG feed; every single area of the quaint Old Town is as photography-worthy as the next. Using its narrow corridors and slim stony capillaries through which the city's beckoning charm flows, visitors can also enjoy an area day snapping hundreds, otherwise thousands of photos all throughout the medieval town's quaint-old streets.

11 The Stradun

Found around the Old Town's main street, the Stradun is this part of the city's epicenter, revealing extraordinary architectural masterpieces to match. After an early morning, the whole street is a pedestrian zone, with a few hundred meters of length connecting the famous Pile Gate to Luza Square. Folks searching for pics come in their element all along this major street, where there isn't any insufficient deserving frames accentuated by Dubrovnik's legendary architecture from one end to the other. Plus, this a part of town is a superb place for fitting some retail therapy and food into the day; souvenir shops, frozen treats vendors, and foodie's joints are available here.

10 Luza Square

As the Old Capital of scotland- Dubrovnik's main square, Luza Square – found at the Stradun's east side – serves up ample Instagram shots that'll make Insta-followers irrevocably envious. It's in this host to astounding beauty where folks will find the Sponza Palace and also the Church of Saint Blaise, between a handful of cute cafés and tempting Dubrovnik restaurants inviting for a cup of coffee and a tempting Croatian meal in between snapping photos.

9 Pile Gate

This is the main entrance to Dubrovnik's Old Town and is a popular meeting place for visitors and locals alike and it is where all major bus services serving that old Town arrive and depart. Obviously, this translates to it being noticeably busy more often than not, try not to allow that to be too off-putting, for, upon approach, visitors will get a number of settings employed for filming in Game of Thrones, such as the recognizable West Harbour on the right-hand side, along with the highly elaborate Fort Lovrijenac. Also, when entering with the gate, fans with keen eyes might recognize the iconic staircase and street – each of which are musts for that Instagram reel.

8 Ploce Gate

In the hostile times prior to the city's impressive stone bridge was built, a wooden drawbridge once stood in its place, which was raised during the night to keep would-be intruders out. Today, it's one of the main entrances on the town's east side, granting accessibility Dominican Monastery, then passing into Luza Square and the Stradun. Whilst it may not be as identifiable as Pile Gate, Ploce Gate is among the Old Town's significant historic structures and really should definitely escape into travelers' Instagram albums.

7 The Dominican Monastery

In the modern-day, the Dominican Monastery is a wonderful museum and it is on every Dubrovnik-bound traveler's schedule. Located near Ploce Gate on the Old Town's eastern side, this beauteous landmark is befitting of the beautiful Instagram feed, specifically for its lovely courtyard and also the interesting works of art adorning its walls.

6 The Old Town Rooftop Basketball Court

Once cited among the “best designed” basketball courts in the world, it's bizarre to assume a classic medieval town using a sporting ground right in the midst of their historical structures. But that is exactly where it's; found in the Old Town's northwest next to its highest point – Minceta Tower – the striking colors from the basketball terrain along with the good thing about its enveloping ancient architecture and walls earns this particular point a firm place on Dubrovnik's map of treasures. For the best views and photo ops of the rooftop court, visitors can purchase a ticket to walk along the city walls and find it along the way.

5 Fort Lovrijenac

Also referred to as “St. Lawrence Fortress,” Fort Lovrijenac feels fairly familiar when gazing upon its mesmeric appearance – and Game of Thrones geeks will instantly recognize it as the “The Red Keep,” which housed the fictional royals of “King's Landing.” Based on historians, this superior stronghold was first constructed with regards to safeguarding Dubrovnik from Venetian occupiers throughout the era of the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik's former name). Itrrrs worth remembering that a person with a ticket for that Walls of Dubrovnik tour gets free entry into Fort Lovrijenac – so keep it handy.

4 Banje Beach

Locally named “Plaza Banje,” Banje Beach is a perfect associated with what Croatia holds at its paradise shores. And with the medieval Old Town set from the bright turquoise ocean as a background, it's undeniable that Banje Beach is a picture of perfection and claims its crown among Dubrovnik's, in other words the nation's, most stunning and ever-Instagram-worthy beaches. In a mere five-minute walk from Ploce Gate, there is no excuse to not check this divine stretch of shoreline out during one's photo-scoping saunter with the Old Town, but do be warned, it can see droves of people in peak summer months – whereby a far more peaceful alternative is the lovely Sveti Jakov Beach.

3 West Harbor

Dubrovnik's West Harbor and it is glorious views are something to soak up slowly in addition to take pictures of. It's probably the most featured film sets in the whole Game of Thrones series and it is backed by the mighty Fort Lovrijenac, adding the ultimate touch to the vistas (and those epic Instagram shots). Not just for photography fans, this small harbor is perfect for dipping toes in after all that travelling taking Instagram pics, and what's more, visitors can even hire a kayak here for going through the Old Town walls' outer edges to have an entirely unique perspective from below.

2 The Old Town Port

Known amongst the locals as “Porat,” the sunsets come evening at the Old Town Port are otherworldly, that is precisely the reason that Instagram users need to get themselves to this serene spot for a leisurely evening stroll, camera in hand. It is also from the harbor here where visitors can take a boat to the idyllic Lokrum Island, or pay a visit to Fort St Ivana and it is maritime museum.

1 Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is among Dubrovnik's prime island-hopping retreats, with it being readily available from the Old Town's harbor, it makes for the ultimate full-day or half-day trip. Visit the daily boat or ferry crossings sailing throughout the day, and explorers will be rewarded with a few of the region's most dramatic sights. Lokrum is also a protected nature reserve with a pristine environment, and coupled with its secluded beaches considered the prettiest in the area, it reveals innumerable awe-inspiring scenes similar to a glossy travel magazine cover. Game of Thrones nerds will also be happy here; this island boasts “The Iron Throne,” which fans simply cannot resist getting pics with.

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