Visiting The Famous Shoshone Falls: The Niagara From the West

The Shoshone Falls, sometimes known as the Niagara from the West, is a must-explore attraction in Idaho's Twin Falls. The falls stand at 212 feet tall and stretch 900 feet wide, and are among the United States’ largest natural waterfalls. Exceeding the famous Niagara Falls’ height by 45 feet, Shoshone Falls is nestled around the Snake River, the Colombia River’s largest tribute. It doesn’t matter which time of the season one is visiting Southern Idaho to see this wonder. Travelers cannot miss adding this location to their bucket lists; whether or not they are traveling all night or days – Shoshone Falls is definitely worth exploring.

Getting To Shoshone Falls

Wondering which city Shoshone Falls is situated in? People can occasionally get unclear about the names of the breathtaking waterfalls and also the cities, especially those just getting started to discover them. It's located in Twin Falls city and is one among Southern Idaho's treasures. Which is totally different from the Twin Falls; they are different waterfalls. Travelers can tour 7 miles from Twin Falls city to get at the Falls.

  • Duration: 5-minute drive from Twin Falls city.

Touring from Twin Falls? Well, travelers can turn to Falls Avenue, eastward, and drive until they reach Champlin Road. Came from here, travelers can use the signboards seated at every intersection as a guide to Shoshone. Travelers touring in the east side can stick to the Highway-30 route after which go ahead and take right turn, which is Champlin Road. This can lead them to Shoshone Falls.

There is definitely an entrance fee to explore the Falls, and also the department of parks and recreation collects it at the booth. The charge allows travelers to understand more about Shoshone Falls as well as Diekes Lake.

  • Entrance Fee: $5

The Falls includes a parking space, which may be reached on the second road after crossing the gate. Travelers will find the main viewing point 75 feet from the Falls’ automobile parking space. There is another viewing deck situated close by, that’s accessible; enables wheelchairs and strollers. This viewing point is the best for families exploring the Shoshone Falls with kids.

Just when was Time for you to Explore Shoshone Falls?

The Shoshone Falls tour experience is gorgeous year-round, and travelers looking for a wide range of outdoor recreation can visit at any time of the season. The truth that the Falls is definitely accessible causes it to be a perfect year-round travel destination. However, water quantity of a Falls vary, depending on the season of the season. The late Spring is the best time for you to experience Shoshone Falls entirely vigor. Generally, April through June are the most useful months to explore the Falls.

The Idaho Hydroelectric Electric company diverts the flow of the Snake River in to the surrounding neighborhood for irrigation purposes. This happens in the summertime, a task that cuts down on the water levels at the Falls by almost half, making summer another beautiful season to understand more about Shoshone Falls. The views continue to be incredible even with the reduction in water levels. For lovers of solitude, Winter is the greatest time of the year to visit Shoshone Falls. The views of the Falls are not as splendid as throughout the Spring, but the frozen falls are spectacular.

Experiencing Shoshone Falls After Dark

Niagara Falls is renowned for the sounds and lights that run for 2 and a half hours and it is what draws many travelers towards the Falls. Well, exactly the same thing happens in Shoshone Falls in May, and it begins from around 9:00 pm to 11:30 pm. The breathtaking and unique sight offers a magical experience to remember. The only disadvantage to viewing the Falls at this time is lots of crowds and probably lack of space for parking – all because of the popularity of this spectacular natural occurrence. Travelers looking to visit and witness the live concert should ensure they get vehicle passes beforehand.

Things To Do At Shoshone Falls

Travelers can enjoy other adventure activities other than visiting and going through the Falls. Hiking offers the experience of the incredible views of the Shoshone Falls and also the Snake River Canyon. There are many trails, some of which begin with Centennial Parks and Dierkes Lake Park. About the most trails may be the Canyon Ri Trail, which stretches 12 miles and extends in the Twin Falls' western side. This trail leads to Shoshone Falls and guarantees splendid views of the Twi Falls town as well.

While other waterfalls allow tourists to swim, it is not possible to do this at Shoshone, but it gets better still – a kayaking adventure around the Snake River to the very bottom of the Falls takes between 2 and 3 hours, based on as much as what end a traveler would like to reach. Other activities include happening some relaxing picnics, camping, and exploring other attractions near Shoshone such as the Dierkes Lake, the Twin Falls, and engaging in day trips.

Visiting and exploring Shoshone Falls gives the best travel experience in Southern Idaho and is worth it and energy.

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