Top 12 Gluten-Free Restaurants In La

Gluten-free is no longer only a label for those with food intolerances; it's become a dietary choice and even a whole lifestyle for most people. And, subsequently, having become normalized within the restaurant world, there's now a reassuring range of gluten-free establishments vying for business throughout Los Angeles – the dazzling Californian hotspot that seems to be the main city from the planet's gluten-lamenting population.

Long the days are gone when the gluten-intolerant cooked in your own home for anxiety about accidentally and unknowingly tucking into this pesky protein in a restaurant, for it's now incredibly easy before to find a top-rated eatery in LA that confidently accommodates people who wish to keep it out of their diet. From gluten-free pasta and noodles to pies, pizzas, baked goods and tasty tacos all free from this hard-to-dodge culinary component, these superb restaurants in Los Angeles have all manners of gluten-skimping goodies to tempt the tummy.

12 401k Food And Wine

Brought to hungry gluten-free-ers by those accountable for the successful Sinners & Saints bakery in Venice, 401k food and wine on Lincoln is one of the list's most special additions. Why? Well, unlike many restaurants that provide a limited gluten-free section around the menu, this joint is fully gluten-free in each and every sense of the word.

The establishment is a specialist in gluten-free cuisine, and everything around the menu is without this sneaky ingredient to which many folks are intolerant. Gluten-haters and individuals with Celiac disease truly have it all at this place, featuring an assorted selection of gluten-free options for example breadsticks, grilled baguettes, and various biscuits, together with hearty American comfort foods like mini corn dogs, beet-battered fish and chips, buffalo chicken strips, and much more – all delightfully gluten-bankrupt obviously.

11 Shojin

Shojin situated Downtown knocks on two doors with one hand; specializing in gluten-free and vegan food, this Japanese restaurant is probably the area's perfect for folks with food intolerances and strict dietary preferences. Out of all LA's spots loved by its locals, this one is definitely one of the city's most adored because of its flavorful menu of authentic, vegan Japanese cuisine that's entirely gluten-free. Having a full menu brimming with choice, lots of à la carte options, and even a fantastic kids menu with allergies and intolerances in mind, it's no surprise Shojin has become one of LA's favorites.

10 Daikokuya, Little Tokyo

Any gluten-dodger knows precisely how difficult it's to consume when soy sauce is thrown in to the mix. Gluten is really a key element in soy sauce, but Little Tokyo’s Daikokuya proves it doesn't need to be. Served with their highly regarded gluten-free noodles, the restaurant's completely gluten-barren soy sauce implies that there's really no need for it; it's just as rich and tasty as standard, gluten-laden soy sauce. Also, Daikokuya has other locations in Sawtelle, Monterey Park, and El Monte, all serving exactly the same succulent gluten-free Japanese treats too.

9 Pizzana West Hollywood

Pizzana’s experienced chef and their pizza-preparing methods have grown to be renowned in the area; it's very common that gluten-free pizzas are made with double zero flour and left to endure an extended 48-hour fermentation process, resulting in a base and crust that's famously chewy. However, Pizzana’s chefs have discovered the answer, with their gluten-free pizzas seemingly perfected.

Made with tapioca flour instead, the pizzas pack another punch than those prepared under the conventional gluten-free recipe. What's more, for a small additional charge, customers can alter the restaurant's famed pies to their gluten-free variant. With delicious options such as the cramy cacio e pepe and the charred sweet diavola, it'll be near on impossible to face up to ordering several from the menu to sample.

8 Stella Barra Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Stella Barra has additionally perfected the gluten-free pizza crust that could be easily mistaken because of its gluten-rich wheat flour counterpart. As always, many gluten-free pizzas suffer from chewy crusts that are way too thin, and quite frankly, are more akin to an inadequate, flimsy cracker than a pizza. However this is far in the case at this particularly skilled pizzeria; their gluten-free pizza base recipe rewards diners with perfect consistency – one that's lightly charred, crispy, and merely the right amount of chew.

And because of their skill and dedication to the gluten-free pizza cause, they've become among the Westside's beloved pizzerias that satisfies the most uneasily impressed gluten-lamenting Neapolitan pizza and pie lovers. Amongst its celebrated picks, there's the spicy salumi and burrata pie using its potato and rice flour crust, and there's a choice of gluten-free pasta dishes around the menu too to add even more diversity.

7 Breadblok

How could a bakery maintain the gluten-hatin' club? You never know, but Breadblok sure is – and contains honed the notoriously tricky art of gluten-void baked produce to serve up a few of the best gluten-free bread in LA. Found on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, Breadblok is all about supreme quality baked sensations full of freshness and flavor.

From French baguettes and olive loaves to buttery flaky croissants and soft brioche, it'll be near on impossible to discern the gluten-free versions of the favorite bakery treats from their usual wheat flour ones. There are also a number of breakfast and lunches to try too, such as a variety of baguette sandwiches, French toast, as well as tartines.

6 Birdie G's

This sophisticated restaurant near Bergamot Station in Santa Monica provides gluten intolerance-friendly food with a creative twist. Guests can dine outdoors or indoors whilst tucking right into a range of gluten-free items off the menu, which are labeled for transparency. And, get this: some items on the normal gluten-sinning menu can even be modified to their gluten-free version. Think king trumpet mushrooms battered with rice flour, and crispy pickle fried chicken, and that's only two of the gluten-devoid favorites.

5 Nobu Malibu

Fancy and full of flavor, Nobu Malibu's reputation precedes itself as a celebrity hotspot, where the famous and rich frequently descend and dine. But that's not the only reason it's so popular; it's also right down to its excellent gluten-free dishes around the menu – and something of its best-loved delicacies is the taste bud-teasing miso-glazed black cod. Plus, they always have gluten-free soy sauce readily available for diners to dowse their divine dishes in.

4 Ivy In the Shore

In the midst of a vibrant atmosphere with a happy hormone-inducing tropical flair, diners at Ivy at the Shore can savor its serene vibe similar to a Hawaiian seafront beach joint set away in paradise. Obviously, folks come for that ambiance and Instagrammable great thing about the area, but undoubtedly, they stay (and return) for that grub, which includes several gluten-free choices too. In addition, customers who ask nicely will discover the friendly staff will serve their pasta dishes with special gluten-free pasta, or perhaps risotto.

3 My 2 Cents LA

This warm and welcoming eatery is among LA's first choices amongst its lovers of wholesome Southern cuisine. With such Southern classics including gluten-free fried chicken, and indulgent mac and cheese completely free of gluten too, allergy-riddled guests of the lovely restaurant can still enjoy tucking into their beloved all-American favorites without signing themselves up for suffering negative effects as a direct consequence.

2 Afuri Ramen & Dumpling

Afuri offers genuine Tokyo cuisine in most its locations peppered all over the world, but it's the one in the City of Angeles that will get the spotlight here. Present in LA's Arts District, Afuri Ramen's gluten-free choices are just as great as its location. The place offers delectable gluten-free noodles alongside a couple of full gluten-free dishes, using its gluten-loathing guests reporting that the sumptuous yuzu shio ramen is particularly worth the tongue.

1 BOA Steakhouse

Naturally, gluten-haters would probably avoid a steakhouse. In the end, most steaks as well as their sides and sauces are ready with gluten-cursed ingredients. However, in the sleek and stylish BOA Steakhouse, there's an opportune gluten-free menu that's rather impressive, and one that comes complete with a flourless choice of desserts for afters. Plus, it's not only high-class takes on American classics they offer; they have some incredible offerings of sushi at their other restaurants too.

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