Explore Mexico's Xcaret Park With this particular Travel Guide


What To Do At Xcaret Park

Float Through The Underground Rivers

Travelers visiting and exploring Xcaret Park have access to the three underground rivers, such as the Mayan River, Blue River, and Manatee River. Floating on a single of those rivers is among the park's most fun adventure activities tourists can engage in. Each of the underground rivers provides a unique and fascinating experience – and visitors reach swim through a labyrinth of caves and tunnels while admiring the spectacular views of unique rock formations, beautiful scenery from the wilderness, and waterfalls. The trick to having probably the most of those rivers; experience is to get here early and steer clear of the crowds.

  • The time that it takes to swim on each one of the rivers: 1 hour to swim right through to the end.

Join Mexicans In Celebrating Their Ancestors In the Bridge To Paradise

Mexican culture includes remembering their dead family members through celebrations, an event, which happens every November 2, and that features lots of colors, vibrancy, and decorations. Also known as the Mexican Cemetery, the Bridge to Paradise is really a beautiful and colorful event – something incredibly unique that happens nowhere. Females dress yourself in colorful clothes, and males placed on suits and boots with their faces skeleton-painted.

Explore The Mayan Village

Visiting and going through the Mayan village in Xcaret Park is the greatest method of understanding the Mexican culture. The diverse Mayan village portrays, the arts, local foods, culture, and activities of the people. This village provides an opportunity to get an understanding of what it is enjoy to be a Mayan, as well as learn about wood carving and attend a few of the available workshops. The architecture from the Mayan village is something to not be missed.

Explore The Park’s Vibrant Aviary

The best part about Xcaret Park is its vibrant Aviary; the birds' sanctuary – where travelers will come across countless bird species. This can be a perfect birdwatching spot for bird lovers because they get a chance to see these beautiful creatures roaming around the park freely. Within the Aviary's interior, there is a large spectacular waterfall, which offers a superb photography spot. Exploring the park's aviary can make tourists enjoy the feel of the amazon jungle and being in the middle of a wonderland – filled with incredibly beautiful scenery.

Visit The Xcaret Coral Reef Aquarium

Being home to hundreds of beautiful tropical fish, going through the Xcaret Coral Reef aquarium is s must. Travelers will have a chance to view the stunning aquarium floor closely and celebrate the thrill of obtaining jellyfish, clownfish, and various other fish species that they've probably never heard about. After visiting the indoor portion of the aquarium, head to the outside, in which the real magic is found. Here, visitors will see baby turtles by the bucket load because they swim round the little pools. There are also plenty of big turtles swimming on the river. Visiting Xcaret Aquarium offers a tour experience to keep in mind.

Take time and enjoy the feel from the Xcaret National Park. With the much to see and do, an amazing tour experience is guaranteed.

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