8 Fun Things you can do In Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Vacationers escaping winter locate fairly easily solace within the Erg Chebbi region of Morocco. With an elevation of 2,400 feet, Erg Chebbi is automatically the go-to location for vacationers seeking to possess some real-time desert experience.

Looking forward to visiting Morocco but can’t tell what really goes on there? Well, grab some ice-cold water and revel in reading some fun things you can do in Erg Chebbi, Morocco.

8 Camp Within the Merzouga Desert

Camping means hiking via a thick forest with free-flowing rivers or even a lake, a minimum of based on some people. But that's not everything about camping. Deserts, too, are wonderful places to pitch a tent. Although they can be a bit inhospitable because of the increased heat and freezing temperatures at night, Erg Chebbi is a whole different experience no adventurer should miss. The sunrise and sunset view from up there in the dunes make camping part of the fun things to do here.

7 Sand Bathing

Being largely a desert area, there is no way sand bathing is missing from the fun things to do in Erg Chebbi, Morocco. Likened towards the sauna, sand bathing offers more than simply relaxing the body. It is a natural form of therapy. Sand bathing helps remove toxins from the body through sweating. The additional weight from the sand likewise helps adventurers loosen their muscles as they prepare for an additional year of productivity.

6 Camel Ride

One of the trademarks from the arid areas worldwide may be the camel. From Dubai towards the Sahara and now Erg Chebbi, Morocco, camels are an easy spot during these areas. With camels being desert animals, they can withstand the tough conditions meaning vacationers need to worry less concerning the cruelty aspect. Camel riding is really a fun-filled activity no vacationer should miss for self-evident reasons. Sluggish and bumpy as they may be, camel rides really are a worthy activity to try in any desert vacation.

5 Walk In the Dunes

Desert vacationing isn't for that faint-hearted. Sometimes the body takes a lot beating, but it's worthwhile all. One way for each vacationer to have a life-long memory of the Erg Chebbi region of Morocco is as simple as taking a walk in the dunes. Seated within the south of Merzouga is a large area full of sand. From in that area, it appears as though an enormous mountain of sand. Rising to the peak of those dunes under the brutal desert conditions can be difficult although not impossible. Vacationers equipped with drinking water have an easy time ascending to the peak since their health are re-energized.

4 Enjoy An evening In The Clear Sky

Erg Chebbi is a typical desert by having an average precipitation of less than 10. The likelihood of using a cloudy sky at night are extremely low available. Most of the nights, heaven is painted blue, which sets happens right for some star-watching activity. Having enjoyed the bigger one (star) during the day, nighttime is the opportune moment to savor the rest of the ones. The night even feels greater, especially when it's the full moon season.

3 Stroll To Lake Dayet Srji

What are the likelihood of spotting a flamingo in the desert? Are there water bodies to aid the existence of such birds in the first place? As strange as it might sound, there's a lake in the Erg Chebbi region of Morocco. Lake Dayet Srji is really a seasonal lake whose volume can’t stand the ultimate conditions of the summer. However, it's a beehive of activities soon after winter. Moments after winter, vacationers can easily spot different types of migratory birds by the lake. Also, it's the perfect location for camel-watching.

2 Enjoy A 4 By 4 Wheeler Ride

Although desert vacation is seen as a camel rides, there's still more to be done on the highway. Anyone who has been interested in holidays in Dubai know very well that 4 x 4 rides are a crucial part of the experience. Although cars in Erg Chebbi are not pushed as hard as in Dubai where turbo power is a huge deal, it's still an experience worth it. First, it's a good opportunity to experience first-hand how thrilling a ride on the sand can be. Secondly, off-roading helps adventurers familiarize themselves with the surroundings from the area. Besides, it is an excellent way to interact with the culture of this beautiful place, the food they eat, their tastes in music, and religious practices.

1 Start A Photo Project

Photography is among the best-paying careers in today's realm of skill-based hustles. Vacationers who have always wanted to possess a career in photography possess the best opportunity to get this to dream a reality. Thanks to the beautiful sunsets and tall sand dunes, vacationers possess the best chance to capture this treasure from the desert and may commercialize it. Those not interested in professional photography will still that photo at one time like a memory of the holiday experience that was. Instagram, too, will appreciate those epic scenes from available online for in the dunes.

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