A Guide On How You Can See Manatees In Florida This season


What Time Of The Day Is the best for Seeing Manatees?

Additionally, those searching for manatees in local waterways should plan their visits early in the day. This is where manatees are known to become more active and playful, as well as when springs are less crowded. To avoid crowds even more, visiting Florida's natural springs throughout the week, instead of for fun on saturday, is a safe bet.

Are you able to Touch Manatees Within the Wild?

The short answer is yes – however, it's remember this that manatees are an endangered species. Therefore, there are laws and regulations when it comes to any type of human-animal interaction. Several things to remember when getting together with a manatee, or any marine life:

  • The very best possibility of seeing and interacting with manatees will be through a marine tour, guided by a specialist.
  • Swimmers and divers should avoid generating noise than necessary as they possibly can spook the manatees.
  • Avoid excessive splashing.
  • All movements should be done in a calm and calculated manner; no thrashing about.
  • Manatees are fairly comfortable with humans, and it's quite normal to allow them to swim up to a person out of curiosity.
  • One is permitted to touch a manatee around the back or stomach, but it is against the law to the touch a manatee with both hands – one hand at a time, only!

With that being said, people to Florida's natural springs can easily see manatees without ever entering water together. They're an amazing sight to see as well as an incredible species to see, learn about, and experience in person.

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