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Many have heard about the magical city of Marrakech or even the blue-city Chefchaouen, but few know about the surreal Erg Chebbi tucked within the southeastern a part of Morocco near to the Algerian border. Erg originates from the Arabic word ‘Arq’, which means dune field, and the immense Sahara desert is composed of several ergs. Interestingly, space travelers can find ergs on planets for example Venus and Mars.

What makes Erg Chebbi special is its vast sea of golden dunes that can are as long as 160 meters in height. It’s a location that drags one into a state of awe, and self rumination. The nearest village to Erg Chebbi is Merzouga inhabited by Amazighs (Berber). Merzouga is particularly popular among tourists and it is referred to as gateway to Erg Chebbi. It takes about a 10-hour drive to reach Merzouga from the city of Marrakech. Here, time stands still, and also the terracotta dune awaits the following adventurous seekers.

How to proceed In Erg Chebbi

Experience A Nomad Lifestyle While Camping

Staying in an Amazigh-styled tent in the actual desert is really a one-of-a-kind experience. Visitors normally choose to spend several days camping in a traditional tent. Imagine drinking sweet mint tea, eating scrumptious couscous, and listening to folklore desert music like the tribal drumming.

Depending on preference, visitors will have a wide selection of accommodation which range from basic to luxurious camp tents which have beds, sofas, and private bathrooms. Those who are into experiencing and enjoying the simple and rustic lifestyle may have the opportunity to sit on a conventional rug on the floor and sleep on mats. And the best part of camping here is having the ability to contemplate the unobstructed look at the Milky Way with zero sky pollution.

Enjoy The Breathtaking Sunrise And Sunset View

What makes this area even more beautiful is its glorious look at the sunrise and sunset. The best way to catch the vista is to simply take a camel ride and reach a great standpoint on the dune. Camels are generally mounted on one another and therefore are led with a walking guide. The camel ride is an adventure in itself.

Arriving at the top of the dune, the next phase is to hold back for that real magic to take place. When the proper time comes (sunrise or sunset) watch how the sun reflects its light around the golden sand and the contrasting colors from the nearby green oasis. Don’t forget to take a few impressive photo snaps.

Experience The Thrill Of Sandboarding At Erg Chebbi

Adrenaline seekers can enjoy the enjoyment and thrilling activity of sandboarding when remaining in Erg Chebbi. Make the most of the staggering landscape by hiking right to the top sand dune, and after that take a sandboard and speed down at 30 or 40 mph! The soft and warm sand dune is perfect for this kind of activity. Sandboarders do not need to have type of experience, it’s about fun.

  • Tip: Wear long sleeves and trousers to avoid sunburns. The sand can be warm, so it is better to wear walking shoes.

How To Reach Erg Chebbi

There are lots of ways to reach this popular attraction. Visitors will have the choice to travel by car or 4 x 4 (which is ideal) as well as by bus. Service providers offer an eclectic range of packages including transport, accommodation, and activities.

  • Guided Tours: Most of the guided tours incorporate a 4 x 4 with a local driver, that has tremendous knowledge of the area. Normally, the trip starts in the town of Marrakech (341 miles to Erg Chebbi), but there are many stops on the way, where visitors can get the chance to take a quick tour of popular attractions like the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ait Benhaddou and also the Dades gorges. Those who are short on time can choose to begin their trip from Ouarzazate to Erg Chebbi that is about 223 miles. This kind of desert-guided tour may take up to two days and one night. Travelers may have the chance to notice a camel trek during sunset time and spend an evening in a Berber camp.
  • By Bus: There are some bus routes that cause Erg Chebbi. The Supratours offer trips from various points including from Marrakech to Merzouga (12.5 hours); Fes to Merzouga (11 hours); and Meknes to Merzouga (9 hours).

When you should Visit Erg Chebbi

The ideal time to visit Erg Chebbi is between October to May as the day conditions from 59 °F (15 °C) to 84 °F (29 °C). This time around travelers will enjoy the pleasant warmth from the sun and the gentle desert breeze. The hottest month is within July when the temperature reaches up to 107 °F (42 °C) or perhaps further. At night the temperature can drop between 5C (41 °F) to 15C (59 °F).

Tip: It is good to note that lots of local service providers don't operate throughout the Ramadan period.

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