Sagano Bamboo Forest: One Of The Most Enchanting On the planet


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When the term bamboo crosses minds, people first think about China, mainly because they're always featured in most China movies. Forget China. Japan has a bamboo forest that's as impressive as, perhaps, more than what's observed in those films. Found on Kyoto's gulf, in the Arashiyama region, Sagano Bamboo Forest is one of the world’s most enchanting and major attractions in Japan. It is among those destinations that certain should explore at least one time in their lifetime. If one would look for "places to go to before dying," Japan's Sagano Bamboo Forest is more likely to pop up within the search results as one of those beautiful, rare destinations.

Best Time To Explore Sagano Bamboo Forest

Visitors can explore this forest throughout the year, but Summer, the peak months are the optimum time to understand more about Sagano Bamboo Forest. Tourists should be expecting lots of crowds during this period – maybe choose to explore during weekdays, in early mornings and late evenings to beat crowds. Winter is not this type of bad time for you to visit and explore this forest as travelers reach experience the illuminations of the Kyoto Arashiyana Hanatouro.

Top Activities In Sagano Bamboo Forest

One of the most impressive activities in Sagano Bamboo Forest is walking with the beautiful, flourishing path at the heart of the bamboo trees. There will always be plenty of photogenic backgrounds to obtain some incredible pictures for show. The most breathtaking part about exploring this area from the forest is the whispering sound of the leaves whenever the wind blows against them. Chosen among the "100 soundscapes of Japan," the forest's sound effect is extremely relaxing – something to not be missed.

For a memorable fascinating experience, exploring Japan and its surrounding is gorgeous. But what could be more enjoyable than mowing the lawn across the forest’s pathways? Travelers can always rent bikes in the train stations around. One other good news? Japan Government promotes ecotourism by making rental bikes available through the forest and also the nearby attractions. Looking for a raw Japanese experience? Try biking through the remote area while taking in the refreshing air, and also the feel of nature is quite mesmerizing.

Enjoying the incredible views of the cherry blossoms through a sightseeing tram ride is amazing, especially throughout the Spring. The tram leaves the Torokko Saagano, a nearby station to Kameoka, a 7-kilometer journey. There's a bunch of impressive attractions that travelers might want to explore.

Top Tourist Attractions Near Sagano Bamboo Forest

Okochi Sanso Villa

With a path treading through the famous Sagano Bamboo Forest, dealing with Okochi Sanso gives the incredible opportunity of enjoying beautiful views from the surroundings and strolling through stunning gardens, tea houses, and other gorgeous buildings. Used to be owned by the late Denjiro Okochi, the favourite silent movie star in Japan, exploring Okochi Sannso Villa is worth it. The villa can be found at the rear of Sagano Bamboo Forest so they cover an area of 2 hectares.

Togetsu-Kyo Bridge

Also referred to as Moon Crossing Bridge, Togetsu-Kyo Bridge is a spectacular landmark in Arashiyama. Constructed in the 1185-1333, this bridge has been an iconic attraction for any year. Now that it experienced a number of reconstructions within the 1930s, it's much more beautiful while offering an amazing combination of mountain views and cherry trees to explore and feel nature at its best.

Arayashiyama Events To Attend

Kyoto Hanatouro is a popular event that provides deep insight into the culture of Kyoto. The big event happens every year in December in Arashiyama District, and it is something no one may wish to miss. Probably the most mesmerizing point about this event is experiencing a large number of lanterns lined across the 5-kilometer trail. Travelers can then go through the performance demonstrating japan ancient fishing method; using the Cormorant – a level to keep in mind.

Where To Eat In Sagano Bamboo Forest

Togetsutei Shofukaku is a well-liked restaurant positioned on Togetsu-Kyo Bridge's west side and offers stunning views from the rivers and also the better of Japanese cuisine. Takemura is also another beautiful ancient Japanese food eatery to test. It mainly serves yu-tofu, a well known Japanese dish, especially in Winter. It is produced from pure local fresh water and soybeans (Japanese soybeans, of course!).

Ways to get To Sagano Bamboo Forest

Getting to Sagano Bamboo Forest isn't very difficult. It's located nearly a 10-minute walk from Saga Arashiyama Station (JR Sagano line). A 15-minute walk from Arashiyama Station will also get travelers to the forest. Another easy way is walking for minutes from Keifuku Arashiyama Station. Travelers staying in the town of Tokyo will take about 30 minutes to obtain there. Those living near Tenryu Temple or Nonomiya Shrine can get to Sagano faster. Travelers may even stop by the shrine and also the temple – and also have a taste of the charm. Incidentally, Tenryu is really a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Kyoto’s 5 major temples.

Sagano Bamboo Forest is an unbeatable tourist destination and could be an adventure experience to keep in mind.

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