8 Unique Things To Do In Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida is definitely an iconic tourist destination situated across the Emerald Coast. Full of stunning beaches on Mexico's Gulf, Destin boasts incredible fauna and flora in its environment. Its oceans are superior and boast a beautiful diverse marine life, including dolphins, tropical fish, and sea turtles. Also referred to as the ‘Luckiest Fishing Village on the planet,” the locals of Destin do make jokes that the quantity of charter boats exceeds those of the residents. Destine offers so much to complete, and travelers of all ages, skills, and interests might have fun.

8 Visit The large Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park

The biggest waterpark around the Emerald Coat boasts over 40 water attractions, apart from the cascading waterfalls and also the tropical landscape – and is worth exploring. The park has everything for everyone, including four spaces for kids, Kowabunga Racer, Maui Pipeline, and Skycoaster. The area can also be parked with chill hangouts, including the Wave Pool, Lazy River, and the region's biggest mini-golf courses situated here. There are many food varieties offered by this place, allowing travelers to have more enjoyable than they can spend a full day wandering at a beach.

  • Park Entrance Fee: $40
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 09:00 pm
  • Busiest Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays
  • Attractions Nearby: Gator Beach, Destin Commons, Taco Town, Village of Baytowne Wharf

7 Explore Crab Island

Looking for a perfect boat tour? Look no further than Destin’s Crab Island, a distinctive travel destination visitors are only able to explore via boat ride. Cruising on Crab Island is a vacation activity no traveler may wish to miss. Fortunately – the destination is full of spaces for eating some delicious meals and places for kids to play around. An extended day boat trip on Carb Island is one of Destin’s most memorable activities to complete and is worth a try.

6 Enjoy A tasty Meal At Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl And Grill

Every traveler will enjoy visiting Uncle Buck's Fishbowl and Grill. Visiting here gives travelers an amazing opportunity of exploring an attractive aquatic wonderland. Travelers can invariably select from the plenty of possibilities in the restaurant area – from soup, sandwiches, salad, and pizza towards the main dishes, including fish, shrimp Alfredo, and other seafood. After having a good meal, it's possible to head to the bowling alley, game, and eat the beautiful scenery. The lanes are really decorated with beautiful underwater scenery, and the balls have mermaid and octopi designs – something fun to watch. The bowling ball return machines imitate dolphins, sharks, Gators, along with other sea creatures.

5 Explore Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge

The Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge is really a top attraction site and an enjoyable activity in Destin. It's an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The refuge is parked with an abundant diverse wild animal that now calls it home. Travelers will have a opportunity to meet tigers, wallabies, lemurs, and sloths. Going to the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge can also be the most educational activity travelers can perform in Destine, Florida.

  • Admission Fee: $8 for adults, $5 for kids
  • Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 10:00 am-5:00 pm

4 Have Fun At Maximum Magic Show

Having fun only at that Show is a must thing to do when visiting Destin, Florida. The show is magical and family-friendly – and will definitely enhance one’s Florida travel experience. What is more enjoyable than watching Noah and Heather Wells, the two-time Merlin award winner perform jokes and illusions? As being a part of the Maximum Magic Show is always a blessing then one that even kids reach enjoy.

  • Admission Fee: Start from $27

3 Destin History & Fishing Museum

This historic museum is situated close to the Destin Bridge's foot while offering travelers a glimpse of the history and culture of the ancient community of northwest Florida. Destin's history goes back over 175 years, and Destin History & Fishing Museum gives an incredible opportunity to find out about it. Fishing was a crucial part of Destin's history, and travelers can invariably learn all about the seine nets utilized in olden days once the modern rods and reels were non-existent.

  • Admission Fee: $5 adults, $4 seniors and military, and $3 students

2 Destin Harbor Boardwalk

Destin Harbor Boardwalk is an ideal place to be when visiting Destin, Florida – and not just because of the splendid views of the Emerald Coast it provides, but additionally to get a dolphin cruise and have some fabulous shopping. Destin Harbor Boardwalk is also a great spot to check out some delicious foods and refreshments. At this Harbor, travelers can also have breathtaking views of sunsets, so a sunset cruise is recommended.

1 Visit Air Force Armament Museum

Another nice spot to taste a beautiful history may be the Air Force Armament Museum, the only real museum on the planet dedicated solely to the reason for preserving the Air Force Armament’s artifacts and memorabilia. The museum has many artifacts on display, even those from the The second world war era. Only at that museum, travelers encounter the bombs, guns, and missiles used earlier. There is even a documentary explaining the role from the Eglin Air Force within the armament development. It's a 32-minute documentary, and each history lover would definitely enjoy it.

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