Visiting Ottawa? Here's Everything To Know Before You Go


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Located close to the Ottawa River on southern Ontario's eastern side, Ottawa may be the capital of Canada – and has a lot to offer than tourists may realize. Ottawa is a top city to stay in for all those seeking to proceed to Canada. The town, whose nicknames include “Bytown” and “Mudtown,” is among the other Canada’s three to become named a National Historic Site and UNESCO World Heritage. Being Canada’s Capital, Ottawa hosts a lot of national institutions, annual festivals, and also over 2000 parks – and it is a bicycle-friendly town – because of over 160 miles of pathways and bike trails inside the city. Ottawa is really a beautiful city to visit for any vacation – also it boasts great features, nothing but worthy of visiting. Here is everything to know before visiting Ottawa.

The City’s History

Ottawa began in 1826 as Bytown and have become Ottawa in 1855. Through the years, the town has gone through changes to become Canada's political center it's today. The city's original boundaries were expanded through various invasions, which resulted in new city incorporation in 2001, thus increasing its land area significantly. The city was named by the locals, which came from the neighboring Ottawa River. The name Ottawa originates from the Algonquin word, adawe, which translates to “to trade.” Of all of the cities in Canada, Ottawa may be the one using the largest educated population – also it hosts colleges and universities, cultural and research institutions, and various national museums.

Dealing with Ottawa

Travelers likely to visit and explore Canada’s Capital have many travel choices to select from. It is among the world’s capital cities and it is located where three beautiful rivers join and border Quebec and Ontario provinces. Tourists can reach Ottawa by plane, train, or bus, based on their preference and budget. Ottawa is a destination that is very easy to get to as it is situated nearly two-hour drive west of Montreal and four hour-drive north-east of Toronto.

Parking In Town

The city limits the number of hours to park on the streets to 3 hours, with overnight restrictions for parking taking force in Winter. Most downtown streets prohibit drivers from parking and stopping during the rush hours to help keep the traffic moving. It is important to look into the signs nearby for restrictions put in place.

  • Rush hours in Ottawa: 7:00 am-9:00 am, 3:30 pm-5:30 pm

There are designated parking lots for coaches and buses and therefore are located near the destinations’ points in the city.

  • Travel Duration to get at Ottawa: Toronto 4 ½ hours, Montreal 2 hours, Kingston A couple of hours, Ny 2 hours.

Ottawa International Airport offers airline services to many cities in Canada along with the United States and Europe, with seasonal flight services to South America and also the Caribbean. Manchester international can be found just about 20 minute-drive from Ottawa's downtown. Travelers might have use of over 100 daily flights to more than 40 destinations; both domestic and international. Just a few steps outside the airport, visitors can find taxi services they are driving them to their destinations or wherever they're staying after they emerge from the plane.

The optimum time To Explore The City

Ottawa involves life during summer, and the majority is happening, including festivals and events – a lot of things to experience. Looking to witness the very best Canada's Capital provides? May through September is the greatest time as the weather conditions are splendid; mostly warm and travelers have incredible opportunities to experience Ottawa's most spectacular attractions otherwise attend the festivals and events happening through the city.

Tourists can still explore the city during wintertime and experience many beautiful sights within the city, including Ice Skating around the Rideau Canal, one of the world’s largest skating rinks. At this time, the authorities turn the canal into a pathway for travelers interested in skating.

Planning For A Visit to Ottawa

A trip to Ottawa needs travelers ready with the required documents to explore the city. One should ensure they've their passports ready. Citizens of the United States can apply for any passport with the Department of State online. Individuals with ready passports need to ensure they are valid no less than 6 months beyond the end of the tour.

Visitors should apply for visas if they're needed in the countries they’re going to explore. Checking with the embassies from the countries one is likely to visit is a great way to get prepared. It is important to execute financial planning for the whole trip. Tourists should calculate the total amount they'll spend and open another bank account to help keep the trip money. Saving helps avoid overspending on a holiday.

Planning well for a trip also means arriving early in the airport. This enables travelers to place all things in place and avoid doing things during rush hours. Travelers should arrive two hours and three hours earlier for domestic and international flights, respectively. An additional hour early is important for all those traveling with young kids. Also, visitors must have the right currency ready if credit cards and other electronic payment systems are not allowed.

Visitors should plan well for accommodation beforehand, specifically for those traveling to Ottawa in Summer. Our recommendation is that tourists do hotel bookings a minimum of 8 weeks before touring. Don’t hold back until prices for hotels hike as numerous people travel during Summer to possess a glimpse of what Ottawa provides. Also, travelers should ensure they are fully aware all of the places they want to visit before they attempt a journey to Ottawa.

Ottawa is a fairly place to explore, whether the first is visiting just for fun or business. It is always a pleasure experiencing the city’s galleries, beautiful restaurants, museums, and much more.

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