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Step Back In Time & Spend An evening On The USS Alabama

The United States has a number of superb battleship museums dotted all around the country. On the very few of them, one can even spend the night. One of these historic ships that one can overnight on may be the USS Alabama.

The Usa also offers five aircraft carrier museums around the country – four are Essex Class and something is Midway Class. They are all some of the best naval museums in the usa where one can find out about America's proud naval history (and particularly that of WW2).

The backdrop And Good reputation for The USS Alabama

The USS Alabama is really a South dakota class battleship. She was the fourth and last of her class built for the Navy in 1930. She was created inside the constraints from the Washington Naval Treaty.

Because of those constraints, she was rather cramped inside – for a naval ship. The possible lack of space was made worse during wartime modifications like added anti-aircraft batteries and surging her crew. She boasted the primary batteries of powerful 16-inch guns.

At the start of her service within the war, she served to strengthen the British Home Fleet to safeguard convoys towards the USSR. But she spent most of her time in the Pacific against Japan. She taken part in various campaigns such as the:

  • Gilbert and Marshall Islands Campaign
  • Marina and Palau Islands Campaign
  • The Philippines Campaign
  • The Battle of Okinawa
  • Attacks On The Japanese Mainland

After the war, she took part in Operation Magic Carpet to create American servicemen home. She was decommissioned right after the war in 1947 and was put into the Pacific Reserve Fleet. In 1962 she was stricken in the Naval Vessel Register but was saved in the breaker's yard. Today she is a museum in Mobile Bay Alabama.

Staying Over Night around the USS Alabama

Accommodation on the USS Alabama is not intended for holidaymakers and is not expensive hotels service. It is a program meant for Boy Scout Troops, Girl Scout Troops, and church groups.

  • Intent: Boy & Girl Scouts, Church Groups

Their policy is also that each group berthing area must be all male or all female. The gender of the group is determined by the one which helps make the reservation first. Even though this rule may have been relaxed since 2022.

The USS Alabama is definitely an opportunity to step back in time and sleep in the bunks that real sailors slept in throughout the war. One will experience what calm nights on the mighty ship were really like as one learns much more about the boys who served on her behalf.

  • Note: As of the Time Of Writing (March 2022) The Forward Berthing Areas Are Unavailable For Maintenence

There is a $20.00 per person charge and a total minimum charge of $300.00 for every group. Groups should also check-in before 8.00 pm.

  • Cost: $20.00 Per Person, Total Minimum $300.00 Per Group
  • Check-In: Before 8.00 pm

This is not a hotel and so there aren't those types of services. Each group accounts for bringing their very own drink and food. There were microwaves aboard the ship and bbq grills for the reason within our picnic area. Food deliveries will also be possible.

Planning One's Trip to The USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

The USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park offers guided tours of the mighty battleship for those who would like a far more in-depth understanding of the ship.

One recommendation by the museum to enhance one's visit would be to have a catered lunch in the Wardroom or Fantail aboard the USS Alabama or in the Aircraft Pavilion. There are several meal packages available.

  • Time Needed: Around 2 Hours
  • USS Drum: The Submarine At The Park Also On Display

Groups should permit around two hours look around the whole park. The park is more than simply the USS Alabama.

There can also be the submarine USS Drum and their Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion. The USS Drum is a Gato-class submarine that was first laid down in 1940 in Maine and commissioned in 1941. She was the twelfth of the Gato class but was still being the first to enter combat in the war and is the oldest of the Gato class still around today.

Some of the main aircraft on display are:

  • Red-Tail P-51 Airplane: Such as the Places Flown through the Tuskegee Airmen
  • VH1-N/ Bell 212 helicopter: Recently Restored – The Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush Flew These Helicopters
  • A-12 Black Bird: The Super-Secret Spy Plane from the CIA

In addition, they also exhibit numerous installations of tanks, guns, and airplanes to understand more about too. There are more aircraft displayed through the park outside the Aircraft Pavilion.

General Admission:

  • Adult: $18.00 (Aged 12 to 55)
  • Children: $6.00 (Aged 6 to 11) – 5 and Under Free

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