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Possess a Spa In Spa Belgium (Where We obtain The term "Spa")

The city of Bath in England is known as after the Roman Baths there, but spas all over the world are named after the town of Spa in Belgium. Spa is really a stunning town in the French part of Belgium (Wallonia) in the province of Liege. It's so famous it has lent its name for mineral baths with supposed curative properties the world over.

This is really a stunning region of Belgium worth visiting just for the landscapes. It's also just from the major French Belgium gothic-like city of Liege and will be a great day trip for anyone staying there. Belgium is a small country in Europe, but one that boasts plenty to determine and do and Spa is one of its hidden gems largely unknown to the outside world.

The Historic Popularity of Spa

The Romans were well known for their love of baths. They built great bathhouses wherever they went which region of Belgium was recognized to the Romans too.

  • Name: From Latin Aquae Spadanae

The golden chronilogical age of Spa was in the 18th century. In those days, it was a favorite of the Royalty of Europe – Tsar Peter the very first even stayed there in 1717. The Tsar loved it so much he brought back many wooden objects made in the region as well as the project to spread out a thermal center in Imperial Russia.

  • First: Spa Hosted The World's First Beauty Pageant in 1888

It was here the world's first beauty pageant, the Concours de Beauté, occured in Spa on 19 September 1888.

The Stunning Setting of Spa In The Ardennes

Spa is located in the stunning mountainous selection of the Ardennes in Belgium (the Ardennes gained notoriety with the Germans going through these to break through French lines in World War Two). It's located 22 miles southeast from the stunning town of Liege and isn't far from the German border. The location is one of the undulating hills and deep valleys of the Ardennes in the French-speaking province of Wallonia.

  • Population: Around 10,000

Today Spa is one of Belgium's most popular tourist destinations and it is predictably famous for its natural mineral springs. But despite its history and stunning setting (in addition to old European architecture), it does not seem to draw all that much traffic from overseas. Instead most of the visitors are locals.

In 2022 the town was designated a global Heritage Site among the “Great Spa Towns of Europe” – Bath in England is another on the list. While it is often in contrast to Bath of England, it lacks Bath's Georgian grandeur but however, it's also far less crowded.

  • Designated: Among the “Great Spa Towns of Europe”
  • Crowds: Spa Far less Crowds Than Other Spa Towns of Europe

Spa can also be famous for having among the world's most popular mineral waters and it's been bottled here for 400 years.

  • Water: Spa's Water Continues to be Bottled For 400 Years

One of the great activities in Spa (aside from soaking within the many spas), is hiking with the many trails from the Ardennes, the hills, forests, and even peat bogs.

  • Tip: The Neighboring Town of Theux Is Worth A Visit For Its Architecture and Medieval Ch^ateau de Franchimont

Les Thermes de Spa – A Spa In Spa

One of the top spas in Spa is Les Thermes de Spa. It's a modern complex of pools that source its thermal waters in the local Clementine spring whose water is naturally heated to 33C. The complex boasts an outdoor section that's encompassed by nature perched on a hill overlooking the town. It's filled with jets of water, Jacuzzis, sauna and steam rooms, relaxation rooms scented with alpine herbs, and sunloungers bathed within the warming glow of infrared light.

  • Cost: Adult EUR21 ($23), child EUR16 ($17)
  • Views: The Complex Boasts Stunning Views from the Capital of scotland- Spa
  • Indoor and Outdoor Options: They Have Both Indoor and Outdoor Pools
  • Indoor Pools: Are Sheltered Under An enormous Glass Dome That Offers Magnificent Views of The Area and Nature

There are plenty of other spas to check out, one will discover out more information about visiting Spa on Wallonia's official tourism website.

Les Thermes de Spa also provides Trappist beers – they are special beers produced at Trappist monasteries that boast a really unique history.

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