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Heard about Cat Cafes But How About A Koi Fish Tank Café?

Most people have heard about cat cafes where many adorable felines wander freely round the cafe. But who's heard about Southeast Asia's fish cafes? These cafes are available in Thailand, Vietnam, and, perhaps, other countries in the area. A few of these cafes are converted into a shallow tank and diners get their feet within the shallow water. In other people, the tables are in pods within the pond surrounded by fish.

These restaurants and cafes are the world's most original and therefore are ideal for people wanting a unique and adventurous experience. They could be a fantastic way to experience the atmosphere of Southeast Asia in an exceedingly different way.

Amix Coffee – Vietnam

The first such fish cafe that inspired others in the region was Amix Coffee in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City. This original cafe offered a large number of decorative fish swimming or perhaps nibbling one's feet as one enjoys coffee.

It is unquestionably a distinctive and unforgettable method to have a brew or coffee in the tropical Southeast Asian country. The cafe featured two flooded floors full of countless fish, these fish are both large and small. Each floor covers a place of 20 square meters with water as much as 25 centimeters (or 10 inches) deep.

  • Depth: As much as 25 cm or 10 Inches
  • Fish: Japanese Carp Along with other Small Fish
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

It goes without saying that to get into the cafe, guests required to remove their shoes (also they needed to clean their feet). The cafe had around 10,000 liters water. Challenges for that cafe included keeping water clean and preventing patrons from stressing the fish out an excessive amount of.

Amix Coffee was started by 23-year-old Nguyen Duoc Hoa. Unfortunately, Amix Coffee closed down after a couple of months, but not before it inspired other cafes in Vietnam with the novel idea.

Sweet Fishs Café – Thailand

Sweet Fishs Café in Thailand was inspired through the Amix Coffee cafe. Here one can also relish the company of a large number of koi fish in ankle-deep water. Sweet Fishs Cafe is supposedly situated in Khanom in Thailand and immediately became a hit on Facebook and Instagram after opening.

  • Fish: Dozens of Koi Fish
  • Location: Apparently: Ton Than Resort and Spa, Khanom, Thailand

According to Oddity Central, you will need to do some sleuthing to locate this cafe since it's exact place never was revealed. Some sources speculated the place was located somewhere in Vietnam – although Oddity Central also highlights that the Search shows so that it is situated in Khanom, Thailand.

This was the very first such cafe to open up in Thailand following the original idea first appeared in Vietnam. Just like the very first cafe, keeping the water clean has shown to be one of the greatest logistical challenges.

The cafe includes a filtration with four large pool filters working Twenty-four hours a day. Every day the staff have to alter the water before the cafe opens in the morning and again in the evening following the last patron leaves.

Other Koi Coffee houses In Ho Chi Minh City

Some of those cafes have faced criticism from animal rights along with other quarters. So if one does not want to put one's feet in to the water the fish are defecating in all day, then there have been other available choices in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country with a fascination for Koi carp and has numerous fish-themed cafes. You will find cafes where one can enjoy a drink in the center of a pond filled with beautiful koi fish. One can hand feed the fish while relaxing.

Ho Chi Minh Fish Themed Cafes:

  • Koi Melody Café
  • New Koi Coffee
  • Koi Coffee Garden
  • Queen Koi Coffee Garden
  • KOI Sakura Coffee
  • KOI Coffee Garden ISLAND
  • Royal Koi Garden Coffee

One such cafe is Koi Melody Café, located in Tan Phu district's Tay Thach. The cafe sports a shallow pond filled with colorful koi fish and dotted with small islands where patrons can unwind. There are 10 interconnected circular islands by which one sits and can feed and touch the fish.

Other choices are New Koi Coffee within the city's District 7's Tan Thuan Dong Ward and Dao Koi Coffee Garden – a backyard koi cafe dubbed an island in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Name: Koi Fish Are Called “Nishikigoi” In Japan

Koi fish are common in East and Southeast Asia and hail from Japan. They are the product of the Japanese cross-breeding them over Two centuries ago and therefore are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens.

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