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Visit Googleplex: An extensive Tour Of Google's Headquarters

If one is thinking about the truly amazing modern tech companies of the world, then consider popping in and visiting their headquarters in Silicon Valley. Most of them are located in the Bay Area and some have visitor centers, while others are closed to the public. It is possible to walk around Google's headquarters and see how among the largest and many innovative companies on the planet plans its workspace.

Google is really a company that requires no introduction, its Google Maps are also some of the best on the planet for navigating – regardless of the country one is in. Google attempts to be an innovative and fun company that people may wish to work for. While using Google Maps or other Google services, look out for Google's humorous Easter Eggs.

What To Know About Google's Headquarters – Googleplex

Googleplex may be the name of Google's corporate headquarters and it is found at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California. It's the home of the search giant's parent company, Alphabet Inc.

  • Location: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View
  • Area: Spread Out Over 12 Acres
  • Parent Company: Alphabet Inc.
  • NYC Office: At 111 Eighth Avenue

At Two million sq ft of office space, Googleplex is Google's second-largest work place complex after its building at 111 Eighth Avenue in New York City.

The name from the headquarters takes its name from “Google” and “Complex” – i.e. a complex of buildings. It's also a reference to Google's name – “googolplex” impossibly high number high number 10(10100), or 10googol.

  • “Googolplex”: 10(10100), or 10googol

Googleplex is on the website which was previously used by Silicon Graphics (SGI) – a few of their properties were purchased by Google in 2006 for $319 million.

Facilities And Attractions At Googleplex

The complex is a sprawling one so they cover a large area. The buildings aren't high rise and are of relatively low height.

Inside could be trippy and the lobby has a piano along with a projection of current live Google search queries. One can find a dinosaur skeleton there and a replica of SpaceShipOne. The objective of the T-Rex skeleton (with twirling flamingos) is a reminder to its employees (called Googlers) to stay relevant and not become dinosaurs.

Built with an eye to a more relaxed vision of workspace, Googleplex offers free laundry rooms, two small swimming pools, volleyball courts, and eighteen cafeterias.

  • T-Rex Skeleton: Displayed In Googleplex – The primary Building
  • Cafeterias: Eighteen Cafeterias With Diverse Menus
  • Employee Facilities: Include Use of Fitness Classes, Massages, A 24/7 Gym, An On-Site Doctor, Dry-Cleaning Facilities, Cafeterias

Around 3 miles or 5 kilometers away from the main Googleplex headquarters is yet another large campus called “The Quad”. It's situated in Mountain View at 399 N Whisman Road.

Visiting Google's Googleplex

Unfortunately, the buildings aren't open to the public – although readers are liberated to wander around the campus while escorted with a Google employee. Going to the complex, you will think it is to become more of a campus than an office building. Google doesn't run tours as such.

To get from one for reds from the campus to the other, Google supplies its employees with free colorful “G Bikes.”

There is a visitor center at 1981 Landings Drive in Mountain View but there's a catch. It is only accessible to the general public with a Google escort.

Attractions and Instagramming spots include a sculpture garden featuring various Android statues, one for every form of Android. The Android statues are named after sweets and candies – there's a cupcake, donut, ice-cream sandwich, KitKat, gingerbread, and honeycomb.

  • Android Statues: One Of The Main Instagramming Attractions at Googleplex

In 2022 Google was pushing forward with plans to expand and make massive new buildings that will include a lot more than 10,000 square feet of publicly accessible areas. Those areas include retail space, cafes, or other amenities located in the middle of the building.

There was a retail store called Google Merchandise Store found at 1981 Landings Drive but that has closed. Instead it's possible to shop online.

Another Silicon Valley tech giant to go to is Apple's, Apple Park. As the main building and campus are closed towards the public, they are doing have a visitor center having a cafe. There are not really any specific Googleplex tours, but when one would like a tour of Silicon Valley generally, you will find choices for that.

Silicon Valley: Self-Driven Audio Tour for Technology Lovers is really a tour that allows one to discover the modern world's birthplace on the self-driven tour in Silicon Valley. One will see the headquarters of tech giants like Facebook and Amazon, and explore tech headquarters open to visitors, like Google's Googleplex.

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