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Cebu City: The Philippine's Oldest City & Top Destination

Cebu City is one of the most widely used and historical cities within the Philippines. It is found on the island of Cebu and is the oldest country in the country. Many people go to the Philippines for that beaches, but Cebu is among the historical and bustling cities which causes it to be probably the most Instagrammable spots in the Philippines.

The Philippines is among the most budget-friendly destinations to visit and differs markedly from its mainland southeast Asian counterparts. The Philippines is really a country where many people are fluent in English along with a place of rewarding diversity. Try exotic food, tropical beaches, stunning lush rainforests, and steaming mountains. The Philippines is a destination that individuals like to go back to.

The Most Historical Colonial City In The Philippines

The Spanish began arriving within the Philippines soon after time they started arriving within the Americas. The very first European to arrive in the Philippines was the Portuguese explorer within the service of the Spanish, called Ferdinand Magellan. Magellan landing in Cebu on April 7, 1521. Magellan was killed at the Battle of Mactan however the remaining members of his expedition managed to allow it to be back to Spain.

  • Magellan: The First Person To Circumnavigate the Globe (Performed by His Surviving Crew)


In 1565 conquistadors arrived led by Miguel López de Legazpi along with Augustinian friars and took possession of the area soon afterward. Cebu went on to become the Philippines' first Spanish settlement and the first capital. In 1594 it officially was a city – the second in the united states after Manila. It is also regarded as the birthplace of Christianity within the China.

  • 1521: Arrival of The Spanish Explorers
  • 1565: Arrival of the Conquistadors
  • 1594: Cebu officially Designated A town

After the Spanish and American War, it became a having the United States for half a century (aside from when it was occupied through the Japanese) and gave the USA an unofficial empire.

  • American: The Philippines Became A united states Possession Following the Spanish and American War

Cebu City Today

Today tourism is a major part of the economy and it is probably the most visited destinations – for both international travelers and domestic travelers. One can see the Filipino-Spanish heritage buildings in Cebu City such as Fort San Pedro, Basilica del Santo Ni~no, Magellan's Cross, and also the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. It's possible to see the oldest street in the united states, temples, colonial churches, mountains, pristine beaches, great museums, and even frolic in the water using the whale sharks.

  • Nickname: Cebu City Is Popularly Called Queen Town of the South
  • Population: Around 1 Million – Metro Population Around 2.8 Million

It is the capital of Southern Philippines and extremely is a must for anyone visiting the country.

While the city boasts the longest colonial history within the archipelago, it does not actually have three many historic sights. However, there are some historical colonial-era buildings to be found. There is plenty to see and do and the city is energetic – you need to be prepared for its notorious traffic.

When To Visit – Avoid the Wet Season

The Philippines are tropical there is no winter months. But there's a wet season and if one comes at the wrong time of year and it can get hot and uncomfortably humid. The best time to go to and relish the beaches and outdoor activities are December through May.

  • When In the future: December Through May
  • December and January: The very best for Beach Weather
  • February and March: Well suited for Hiker and Backpackers (Lots of Outdoor Adventures)
  • April and could: Clear Skies and Ideal for Diving and Gazing off Mountains
  • Worst Time: Throughout the Wet Season From May To October (Even the Chance of Storms and Intense Humidity)

Things To determine And Do In Cebu City

There are too many things to do and see in Cebu to list out here. But one of the must-see temples may be the Cebu Taoist Temple. it is among the famous landmarks in Cebu City built through the city's Chinese community. It's a colorful and multi-tiered complex located inside the Beverly Hills Subdivision.

Of course, you will find beaches (what can the Philippines do without its beaches?), but there are also stunning small islands to find out, wrecks to dive, and whale and thresher sharks to swim with. You will find nearby 170 nearby islands to see!

Try out the Philippino food. Try exploring the many quality restaurants within the city along with the many street foods as well.

No one needs to be bored while in Cebu, the issue is going to be lacking enough time and not wanting to return home!

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