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Why Portugal Is the Friendliest Country In The World

There are many indexes to position countries by different criteria and there is a ranking for friendliest for ex-pats too. The ranking is definitely an attempt to measure how friendly people are in different countries to foreign residents. Why is a country friendly is different from why is a country happy.

Making friends in foreign countries is normally one of the greatest priorities and struggles for ex-pats around the world. How closed individuals are in those countries to creating new friends externally is usually one of the biggest complaints of ex-pats. Keep in mind the survey is really a generalization and there are many more things in real life to think about. E.g. many people could be more available to ex-pats from certain countries than others.

Not To Be mistaken with The Happiness Index

The friendliness index should not be wrongly identified as the happiness index. In the happiness index, Nordic countries tend to be the happiest – with Finland polling as the happiest country on the planet for any fifth amount of time in a row according to World Happiness Report rankings.

Finland's other Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland also all score very well around the measure. The benefits index uses healthy life expectancy, GDP per capita, support when in trouble, low corruption, high social trust, generosity, and freedom to assist in making the ranking.

  • Friendliness Ranking: The neighborhood Population's Attitudes Towards Foreign Residents

The friendliest ranking, however, is based on market research that gauges the local population's attitudes towards foreign residents. Many ex-pats don't find Nordic countries particularly welcoming.

The friendliness survey measured the friendly attitude toward ex-pats, ease of making local friends, and if ex-pats were likely to stay forever.

The Friendliest Countries Within the World

The friendliest country on the planet doesn't have to be the happiest. The fact is the happiest country in the world is Portugal with Taiwan arriving second. Note that ranks change every year.

This may be the very first time that Portugal claimed the very best spot because the world's friendliest country. The runners-up were Taiwan and Mexico and after that were Cambodia, Bahrain, Panama and nicaragua ,, Oman, Colombia, Vietnam, and Canada.

  • Friendliest Countries: Portugal, Taiwan, Mexico, Cambodia, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Oman, Colombia, Vietnam, and Canada
  • Note: Not All Countries Were Surveyed
  • Number of Countries: 180 Countries Were Measured
  • Portugal: Score of 94% When compared with Global Average of 67%

Portugal had a score of 94% while Canada at the bottom of the top ten got 81%. For reference, the global average was 67%.

The Expat Insider survey is an attempt to rank countries through the friendliness of the local population towards foreign residents.

Least Friendly Countries Around the List

On the other end from the spectrum, ex-pats can expect much more of a frosty welcome in Switzerland, Austria, and Kuwait. While these three countries were reported to be minimal friendly, Switzerland and Austria were still significantly more friendly than Kuwait.

  • Least Friendly Countries: Switzerland, Austria, and Kuwait
  • Kuwait: Easily the Least Friendly Out there

Being minimal friendly country is really a firm position that Kuwait has held for that fourth year running. Some ex-pats benefit by an rise in anti-expat sentiment from the locals based on InterNations.

Anecdotal reports of ex-pats claimed that Austrians were “uninterested for making new friends” and Swiss were “closed and uneasy” according to InterNations.

It should be noted that this list took it's origin from a survey and just measured attitudes to ex-pats. It doesn't mean that individuals in those countries are unfriendly to each other, that they are rude to ex-pats, that they're unhappy, or that ex-pats can't make friends there.

Portugal – The Friendliest Country Within the World

Portugal managed to climb nine places to accept top spot. Therefore if you might prefer to become an ex-pat or to “slow travel” spending months in a destination at any given time, consider moving to friendly Portugal.

It appears as if Portugal is really a country where the sunny weather matches the nice and cozy welcomes by the populous. A number of Portugal's cities have even been described as “Heaven on Earth” – what more does one need?

  • Ex-pats In Portugal: Have Higher Than Average Local Friends

Some 36% of respondents reported feeling a home right away – almost double the amount global average. Nearly half (47%) of them answered they would possibly stay in Portugal forever. A globally disproportionate quantity of respondents reported that local residents make up a majority of their friends in the country (generally ex-pats are better friends with other ex-pats).

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