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Reside in Bay area? Go On A Seaweed Foraging Tour!

Seaweed is really a food that is often overlooked in Western diets, but it's popular in some areas of the planet as with some East Asian cuisines. Famously, seaweed can be used in Japanese sushi. One is prone to eat seaweed when exploring Japan's famous and delicious traditional cuisines.

If you might prefer to learn to forage for seaweed, which types of seaweed to consume, and how to get it ready, then there are seaweed foraging tours in California. These tours are held in and around San Fransico. If a person would like to have a very different kind of coastal adventure in the coast in Oregon, go to the Neskowin Ghost Forest – the remnants of the Sitka spruce forest around the Oregon Coast.

Seaweed is a superb Alternative Food source – But Be Careful

Seaweed is usually high in fiber and is one of the many forgotten foods free of charge that one can forage for. Seaweed isn't a plant but one of several categories of multicellular algae including red algae, green algae, and brown algae.

  • Fiber: Seaweed Is generally Full of Fiber
  • Algae: Seaweed Is really a Form of Multicellular Algae

Most of the edible seaweeds are located in the ocean while most from the freshwater algae are toxic – to higher off sticking with the coast. You should harvest the best kinds of seaweed as the wrong ones can have acids that irritate obese (or even have a laxative effect). In extraordinary instances as with seaweed of the genus Lynabya, it can be potentially lethal.

  • Lethal: Seaweed Of The Genus Lynabya Could be Potentially Lethal

Seaweed Foraging Adventure: Sonoma Coast

One from the seaweed foraging tours provided by Forage Bay area is on the Sonoma Coast. This tour (known as a class), is led by their seaweed expert, Heidi, who shows people how to pick, what to pick, and (importantly) how to make the seaweed taste good. Note that many of these tours are meant for people aged 9 and over.

The tour is locked in the morning on the beach at low tide in Sonoma also it can last for 2 to 3 hours. Following the foray, Heidi will show you towards the guests the things they collected as well as a talk around the science of seaweed, and the way to cook one's catch. Visitors can get to gather up to 10 lbs. of edible seaweed.

  • Tip: Bring Rain Boots If One Does not want To obtain One's Feet Wet
  • Amount: Expect To Collect As much as 10 lbs of Edible Seaweed
  • Duration: 2 to 3 Hours
  • Where: Sonoma, CA (exact place sent 1 week prior to class)
  • Weekday Cost: $90 per person, plus booking fee
  • Weekend Cost: $120 per person, plus booking fee
  • When: Year-round; click “Book Now” to see available dates

Seaweed Foraging Adventure: Half Moon Bay

Another Californian seaweed foraging tour provided by Forage Bay area reaches Half Moon Bay. This tour also starts at low tide and one's expert guide is Tanya. Guests will become familiar with to identify different sea vegetables as well as their healing properties, like how some control nuclear radiation.
The talk will explore ethical and sustainable practices in addition to Native American rights to food and cultural resources in the region. Explore the tidepools and learn recipes which make a variety of types of seaweed and sea vegetables taste good.
Guests may also be prepared to collect to 10 lbs of edible seaweed and see the way they taste. The first is also likely to harvest kombu, pacific dulse, feather boa, rockweed, Turkish towel, black larch, Iridea (aka rainbow leaf), and nori.

  • Where: Half Moon Bay, CA (exact location is going to be sent one week prior to class)
  • Weekday Cost: $90 per person, plus booking fee
  • Weekend Cost: $120 per person, plus booking fee

Seaweed Foraging Adventure: San Mateo Coast

This seaweed foraging tour around the San Mateo Coast is coming soon as of the time of writing (April 2022). This tour is led by another seaweed expert called Erica and something will learn about seaweed ecology, how to sustainably harvest one's own seaweed, and more importantly, how to get it ready.
This foraging foray can also be two to three hours long and is to become locked in the morning. The location is on the beach near Pescadero and it is once the tide is low. Just like another tours, it's possible to be prepared to collect as much as 10 lbs of edible seaweed and one also needs to wear shoes that afford good traction.

  • Where: Near Pescadero, CA (exact location sent 1 week just before class)
  • Weekday Cost: $90 per person, plus booking fee
  • Weekend Cost: $120 per person, plus booking fee
  • What: Edible Seaweed Foraging
  • When: Year-round

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