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Is Fort du Saint-Eynard The Most Impressive French Alpine Fort?

There is definitely an unbelievable number of things to see and do in France. People who just visit Paris and Bordeaux lose out on a lot of the very best that France has to offer. An indication of methods much France has is that it has more UNESCO sites than any other country in the world.

While going through the part of France, see the strange cliff-hanging houses of Pont-en-Royans and the unique water-tasting museum there. There's no lack of things to see and do during France. And in the south-east of France is the breathtaking French capital of scotland- Annecy. Annecy is known as the Venice of the Alps because of its canals and unbridled beauty.

Why Fort du Saint-Eynard Is among the Most Underrated

One from the better but overlooked destinations in France is Saint Eynard fort. It's an ancient fort built on the spectacular cliff overlooking Grenoble in France. It's not for all those with vertigo or individuals with a nervous fear of heights.

The fort is placed out in the untamed wilds of nature and also the closest town is Le Sappey-en-Chartreuse towards the southwest. The fort has elevated levels of elevation. It is set some 1,340 meters above sea level.

  • Altitude: 1,340 Meters (4,400 Feet) Above Sea Level
  • Location: Perched On The Top Of Mont Saint-Eynard
  • Google Search: Results Are Mostly In French Because it is not Famous Internationally

That it's an undiscovered gem can be quickly seen in a Search. Pictures of it are dramatic beyond description there are restaurants around the fort, but just about all information online is in French.

Fort Du Saint Eynard is simply one illustration of the numerous attractions dotting throughout France that most tourists lose out on. It is a jewel of France for adventurers searching for the best of French history while combining French nature and culture at the same time.

According to, additionally, it hosts every year many temporary exhibitions of French or international artists for example Florence Jouve, Reidunn Rugland, and Jean-Luc Brosson.

While there, begin to see the other impressive French forts from the region. Such as La Bastille Fort which towers over Greater Grenoble. This fort is just accessible by foot or by cable car in the center of the town. It was built between 1823 and 1848 to defend Dauphiné from a panic attack through the Duchy of Savoy. Today it's a cultural center with exhibitions of recent art and also the Museum of the Mountain Troops.

Its Background and Role As a Fort

It is situated on a ridge and is one of seven forts creating the fortified belt of Grenoble. It's a breathtaking pairing of a militaristic fort with dramatic natural surroundings. From there one can gaze out over a spectacular 360 ° view of the Belledonne massif, the Grésivaudan valley, and the town of Grenoble.

  • Fortified Belt: One Of Seven Forts Creating The Fortified Belt Of Grenoble
  • Built: Between 1875 and 1879

While many of France's castles and forts are extremely old, the Fort Du Saint Eynard dates from the second half of the 1870s. It had been built between 1875 and 1879 by Richard de Régnauld de Lannoy de Bissy to protect France's Grenoble region. It had been restored within the 1990s and is today open to the general public.

The fort is massive so they cover over 274,410 square meters. It is split into four different buildings and 2 courtyards. Few former garrison soldiers could ever have enjoyed the breathtaking views in the isolated mountain that its former French soldiers had. If this was operational, it was home to a lot more than 477 men and 25 bits of cannon.

  • Garrison Size: Over 477 Men and 25 pieces of Cannon

Visiting The Dramatic Fort Du Saint Eynard

If one is likely to go, then avoid the winter months – mostly because it closes for that winter months. Its opening season is from the beginning of May right through to the end of October. The opening hours vary seasonally and should be checked ahead of time.

  • Closed: For The Winter Season
  • Open: Towards the Public From The Start of May towards the End of October
  • Pet: Not Permitted
  • Entry Fee: Entry is free of charge For everybody
  • Access: From D512 Turn Onto A Forest Road For 3km at Sappey

Fortunately, the website is accessible to people with reduced mobility and the nearest parking is about 100 meters (yards) away. Entry can also be free and is a perfect spot to stop and relax for individuals, couples, and families alike.

Alternatively, the more adventurous can hike their way up the mountain to the fort and enjoy a well-earned picnic on the top.

The French Alps are a region of unfettered natural beauty. A visit to this a part of Europe can have why so many people fall in love with Europe.

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