Time: You Tried Skiing in Hakuba, Japan

When I told my parents I had been taking 72 hours out of a 2 week visit to Japan to ski, they thought I had been mad. Therefore, it's with great pleasure which i write this informative guide for other potentially wavering, parentally dissuading travelers about where and why you need to 100% ski in Japan.

Skiing in Japan: Where you can Go

Most individuals who know about skiing in Japan will most likely tell you about Niseko, probably the most popular destinations for full-on-ski-your-heart-out travelers. As my buddy can without doubt tell you, I'm not one of those, and that i suspect many people reading this would be the just like myself. Skiing only agreed to be one part of this bi weekly trip, but it wasn't the main aim. I needed to locate somewhere where I possibly could go through the best Japanese skiing without going massively out of my way.

Hakuba is that place.

Hakuba is Japan's largest resort, composed of nine interconnected ski resorts (more on that later) in the Northern a part of Nagano, the bottom of japan Northern Alps. What am i saying practically? It means that you could move from the metro towards the moguls within three hours.

Incidentally, and I will continue doing this in each and every piece I write about Japan, Purchase a JR PASS. You can

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