Time: You Discovered the Best Experiences in Barbados

Barbados will draw you in with its laid back charm and long, untouched stretches of beaches, after a week-long sunshine-filled stint here, you’ll fight to leave.

This Caribbean island is really a cultural petri-dish, bringing together a varying mix of art, music, festivals, food and individuals. It’s exciting, the energy infectious, and everybody includes a story to inform. If you’re planning for a trip, why not visit Broadway Travel.

The island is simply 21 miles long, easy to navigate, and offers probably the most memorising views, world-class beaches and historical landmarks in the Caribbean. There’s so much to eat, see and do, that a trip to Barbados can be relaxing or exhilarating as you desire. Here’s a handful of our favourite experiences on the most magical island within the Caribbean:

1. For Local Fare: Oistins Fish Fry

The Lowdown: The secret to locating the best eateries in Barbados is to visit in which the locals go. Each Friday and Saturday, Oistins Fish Fry is buzzing with Barbadians who come and fill their boots with local fish, and to take in the live music. Oistins is really a basic outfit; canteen-style tables fill the area, while several shack-like restaurants turn out portions of freshly fried chicken and BBQ’d catches during the day for under a fiver. And it’s enough to give a family of 4: the portions are huge. Seating is plentiful – all you have to do is pitch up, nab a few chairs and the friendly servers will require your order. The atmosphere fizzes with excitement; you’ve got local bands, people dancing, rum punch flowing and also the hum of friends and family chatting. Don’t miss the mac n’ cheese pie – it’s well worth the trip alone.

2. For Water-Based Fun: Tiami Catamaran Cruise

The Lowdown: The the easy way truly experience the better of Barbados (read: nature, weather and also the most dazzling blue sea) is to leave dry land behind and hang sail on a single of Tiami’s catamarans. Cruises are ten a penny in Barbados, but Tiami are very well noted for wearing one of the best experiences on water. Take pleasure in the warmth of the Caribbean sunshine while you set sail for the sea. Drinks flow from the moment you step on board; rum punch, Bank’s beers and sodas are all around. There’s time to stop for any dip, and snorkel gear is provided in hope you catch a sight of the family of turtles. A buffet lunch is yet another talking point: the bountiful way to obtain chicken, local fish, mac n’cheese pie (a Barbadian delicacy), rice, coleslaw and banana bread for afters hits the spot.

3. For any Rum Education: St. Nicholas Abbey

The Lowdown: Barbados has lots of well-known and well-love exports: sugar, molasses, Rihanna and rum. Widely credited as the birthplace of rum, there’s a handful of distilleries found over the island. To have an in-depth tasting and tour, St Nicholas Abbey, a sugar plantation dating back 1658, is a great starting point. The tours, which run regularly, provides an interesting insight while causeing this to be iconic spirit, combined with the history of the drink, and preservation, all of which happens in St Nicholas Abbey's great house, built by Benjamin Berringer in 1658 (certainly one of just three Jacobean-style mansions remaining in the Western Hemisphere). Shunning mass production and sophisticated mechanical systems, St Nicholas Abbey’s rums are created via the traditional distillation process. The end result: a rum that's smooth, fruity and spicy.

4. To have an Annual Celebration: Crop Over Festival

The Lowdown: Dubbed probably the most colourful festival in the Caribbean, Crop Over Festival celebrates a 200 year-old tradition that honours the end of the sugar cane season (around August-September). Barbadians avoid parties by halves, and the six week festival includes day to nighttime parties, breakfast knees up, parades, concerts and culinary-centric events. The ultimate week may be the big one, culminating inside a parade full of life, culture and lots of colourful costumes.

5. For a Good Time: Uncover the Nightlife

The Lowdown: When the sun's rays goes down, Barbados comes alive. Rum shacks all over the island buzz with categories of people and bars, with local local bands playing calypso and reggae to R’nB, are in which the drinks flow and everybody dances into the early hours of the morning. In St Michael, visit Garry’s Rum Punch to marvel at Garry’s notorious rum collection and sample his renowned rum cocktails, available in 19 flavours, believe it or not. Also in St Michael is The Boatyard, popular by both tourists and locals alike, the bar is open 365 days of the year – and each night, you’re guaranteed a great time. Other establishments worthy of a visit are upscale rum-shop-type restaurant and bar, Shakers; local joint, The Golden Anchor; and Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge for sea views.


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