Review: OBLU Select Hotel Wellness and Activities

Last week I reviewed OBLU Pick from Atmosphere Hotels in The Maldives (you can see it here). Next in this three-part review series is my review of the wellness experiences and activities at this hotel. Here’s how I got on:

The Maldives includes a reputation for being for that beautiful people and those who felt like beautiful people on their own recent big day and also have somehow cobbled together enough marital donations to afford the trip of a lifetime. But why should this beauty be only for the delectation of the beautiful, the newly-wed and also the Olympic swimmers? And Atmosphere Hotels with their latest resort Oblu Select said “It shouldn't. It shall be for all those that afford quite a spenny holiday, although not that bad it decimates your savings account.”

However, that pretty spenny holiday will be the trip a person can have. You will not fly and flop. You will not only cling to your barstool. You will not only marginally increase the pigmentation of the epidermis for two weeks to solicit fleeting compliments out of your Facebook friends. You will re-learn what it's prefer to not have a care on the planet.

We'll explore the all-inclusive drink and food in a sister article coming soon for an online luxury lifestyle magazine in your area, but Oblu Select are broadening the meaning of all-inclusive to include activities. All-inclusive is usually a recipe for disaster with Brits involved. Combing two of our favourite past times – getting our money's worth and day drinking and that is a resort you wanna stay away from. However, should you throw in premium complimentary watersport activities, it confuses the wild holidaying Brit. When getting value for money also includes snorkelling and sunset fishing trips, a transformation occurs into the lesser-spotted moderate drinking Brit abroad – a creature only visible in regions of high watersport activity and impossibly beautiful coral reef density. Truly staggering.

We were led around the snorkelling expedition by a young lad from Atlantis. He claimed to be a human, but the way he moved in the water gave away his species and origin. He led a slipshod school of lifejacketed tourists to the cliff of the coral reef. Obviously, fishboy needed no buoyancy device himself. He dived headfirst towards the ocean floor to greet a passing reef shark, equalizing the pressure in his ears with consummate ease. He held his breath for what seemed like a time, then turned for the surface before he gyrated and body-rolled towards the surface. I turned to the school of holidaymakers and all of all of them with their heads in the sea and bums in the air had missed the center of attention. I possibly could have sworn he summoned the ripples from the waves to whisper in my ears “I am Aquaman”.

The hotel offers a beautiful sunset fishing cruise. There have been more lifejackets, plenty of free Fanta plus some very friendly staff. They gave us a filet of fish to place on the hooks at the end of our lines. It was just too large that I would have been with them for supper and that i was dead certain a big fish at the end from the ocean wouldn't be in a position to resist its allure. We let our fishing lines out probably 100m without exaggeration. It turns out the ocean is really deep. Time passed. More time passed. And then a man after the boat got one! He reeled inside a barracuda and everybody cheered whilst he posed for photos with it. He was asked whether he wanted to keep it or throw it during the ocean. After much deliberation, we all applauded as he chose to save the fish's life, however the clapping slowed whenever we realised he'd taken a little too long over his decision and also the fish lay immobile on its side bobbing off into the horizon.

The TGI Scuba centre on Sangeli with SSI and PADI courses open to do around the island. I did not know this but usually, it's not necessary to be PADI certified to visit scuba diving. I figured that it was a massive advanced budgeting and training before you get to you towards the ocean floor, however, the Scuba Centre enables a taster session. It's $145 per person for a 2-hour private session with an instructor. The scariest bit is really signing a form saying that you are taking full responsibility if you die down there and it is no one else's fault other than yourself. After that, it's plain sailing. I was taken to the pool to test some breathing exercises. You learn how to clean your goggles underwater and how to make use of the breathing apparatus and before very long there's two guys carrying your heavy oxygen tanks in the pool towards the shore and it's time to go under.

Good luck returning up again if you do not understand the hand signals because you make a circle together with your finger as well as your thumb if you are all good, but “thumbs up” implies that you have a problem and also you will need to go towards the surface. The mask will hide your facial expressions so don't depend on your enthusiastic grinning to point you're using a whale of the time when you're having a panic attack.

We had little inflatable pockets shackled by our waist which allowed the trainer to manage us like puppets inflating and deflating the airbags to create us up to visit a whiskered lobster in a cave and down to see tiny blue fish swarming around a bright orange coral as though it were a miniature underwater fireworks display.

Literally toothless blacktip reef sharks patrol the ocean floor whilst pulsing live coral appears like an underwater speakers. Time goes fast and also you move slow. It's an unforgettable experience and something certainly worth leaving the bar for.


Other all-inclusive watersports include paddleboarding and kayaks taking you beneath the watervilllas within the jetty that connects the 2 islands, where you pass families descending their ladders in the back door of the villas into the sea with blow-up turtles praying they catch a glimpse of the real thing.

A daily bulletin gets to the door of guests' villas every morning. The bulletin provides basic information on the weather forecast and the evening cuisine theme but additionally urges guests to include some structure for their day by opting for a couple of from the possibilities on the island. Guests can say to themselves, “I don't wish to do an excessive amount of today. But maybe that gym class to operate up an appetite before lunch or possibly some sunset yoga before dinner.” The overwater gym has fantastic ac and an even better look at the famous Maldivian blue seas. Running on the treadmill inside was like running on the water.

The Garden Spa & Wellness Complex has tiny streams and stepping stones with lush vegetation. The gorgeous entrance area, cold towels and welcome drinks relax guests completely. The relaxation area before before the massage staring at the turquoise sea and honeymoon villa row. The mixture from the sounds, smells, touches and tastes, even without the sight is such a powerful sensual experience.

The lack of any cooking time or any travel time means that all life's stressors are removed and guests can enjoy the variety of wonderful activities Oblu Select at Sangeli provides.

Find out much more about OBLU Select Hotel here. Email : [email protected], Phone : (+960) 400 4500.


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