If You're Headed To Honolulu, Don't Miss These Foods

Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, USA is a place bustling with beaches, lagoons, nature preserves, historical heritage, and more importantly, the delectable cuisine intersecting Japanese, American, and Polynesian culture. The Hawaiians adopted a fusion style in cuisine because the migrating Chinese, Portuguese, Puerto Ricans, and Japanese, together with Indigenous European and Americans, which had their influences together. As the entire list might be exhaustive, let's imagine “Aloha” towards the food dishes that certain should not miss on their own visit to Honolulu.


One of the very most common local seafood dishes in Hawaii, which accurately means “chunk” within their local language. It is a raw seafood salad expanded together with versions having main components from either tuna, octopus, sushi, or sashimi-grade fish garnished with red onion, scallion, candlenuts, different types of seaweed, and toasted macadamia. Certainly one of their traditional dressing styles involves soy sauce, sesame oil, tobanjan, a Japanese condiment having spicy essence making from chile and broad beans, jalapenos, peppers. A splash of variation can be added with avocado, mushrooms, teriyaki, sriracha and ponzu sauce, pineapple, cilantro, cucumber, and pickled jalapenos. Primarily, “Poke” is served either being an appetizer or as a main course in Hawaiian cuisine.

Its similarity can be traced with “kinilaw”, a local dish from the Philippines that is usually raw and diced fish marinated with citrus juice, sour fruits, vinegar, and at times, coconut milk, European dishes for example ” Fish Carpaccio” and “Fish Tartare” and Japanese dish for example “Sashimi”.

Best Places To Eat

Fresh Catch

Having a robust menu, this restaurant is owned by a famous chef, Reno Henriques. Ahi Limu Poke & Spicy Ahi Poke are quite the favourite of people.

Kahiau Poke & Provisions

They come with an array of poke ranging from Cold Ginger Poke, Spicy Ahi, Kahiau Special with local limit seaweeds and onions, Inari Sushi full of spicy tuna poke.

Ono Seafood

Prominent because of its Japanese-style soy sauce, Shoyu, people flock right here to select from nine different varieties of poke. Shoyu Ahi, Miso Ahi, Spicy Tako are several.

Acai Bowls

Acai Bowls is really a native dish of South and central america. Haven't you seen Instagram full of those colorful acai bowls posed before azure blue beaches? They're only a bowl of the acai berry, fruits such as strawberries, bananas, guavas, mangoes, passion fruit, soy milk, granola, and honey. Acai tastes just like a mixture of wild berries and chocolate and this superfood is very rich in antioxidants.

Best Places to Eat

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