The best places to Savor Asian Cuisines In The World

Asian cuisine is better noted for its authentic flavors. It always includes rice noodles, spices, herbs, beans, seafood, meat, not to mention, rice, which completes every Asian meal. What's special about Asian cuisine is it balances the meat and the vegetables. To explore further on Asia, listed below are the very best places to savor Asian cuisines all over the world.

10 Japan

Japan is rich in a number of dishes; from seafood and noodles to sweet treats. It is home to high-quality restaurants where tourists can surely experience and check out Asian cuisine. What adds fun to visiting Japan is by strolling round the street food market where most of the Japanese cuisines are available. Any place in Japan can be a food trip, from streets to alleys, as well as sports stadiums. It also ranges from cheapest food stops to luxurious feasts.

9 Thailand

Most served courses in Thailand are rich in salsa for example coconut-milk curries. Asian cuisines to savor here include fermented noodle dishes, duck dishes, seafood dishes, fried rice, and noodle soups. Traditional Thailand food serves boiled dishes, pounded food, curries, deep, stir, and steamed food. The most popular dish in Thailand is Guay Teow, a noodle soup with meat. Thailand also serves Tom Yum Goong, a spicy shrimp soup. Additionally, Som Tam is a perfect dish for vegetarians, it is a spicy green papaya salad.

8 Sri Lanka

If travelers are looking for cheaper Asian cuisine, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer. It serves simple, yet sensational dishes that cost only a few bucks. One example of the dish is really a bowl of old rice poured with curry. Fried rice is also famous in Sri Lanka with so many vegetables, some from the snacks are deep-fried. Popular Asian restaurants here are available in Colombo such as the Noodles Restaurant, Golden Dragon, Yue Chuan, Royal Thai, Ramen Misoya Colombo, etc.

7 Vietnam

Vietnam serves the very best spicy Asian cuisine. The majority of the dishes in Vietnam contain vegetables, seafood, and rice, a really typical Asian dish. Beef isn't often served on normal days because the country lacks land so it is richer on seafood resources, instead, beef dishes are served on special events. Vietnamese cuisine is said to become widely affected by china. It also serves stir-fried dishes, spring rolls, soups, and separate rice.

6 China

Chinese cuisine includes a wide selection of dishes, it has different specialties from various cities in the country. They've Shanghai food, Sichuan food, specialties from the province of Yunnan, Beijing, and Cantonese food. China is pretty much popular because of its dumplings and noodles. Sichuan and Hunan cuisines are popular for hot and spicy dishes while Cantonese meals are generally light flavored. Additionally, cuisines in Shandong are salty but fresh seafood dishes. Lastly, Fujian cuisine is known for its wild dishes coming from the mountains.

5 India

If Chinese cuisine includes a wide range of dishes, India has so much more. From coconut curries, chicken tikka, mouthwatering biryanis, to creamy dishes in Punjab city. Other dishes are served with cloves, strong herbs, spices, chili, etc. Why is the curries special are turmeric and cumin. Restaurants that serve the very best Asian cuisine in India include Tian Asian Cuisine Studio, Pan Asian Restaurant, The Asian Kitchen, Nasi and Mee, Mamagoto, and many more.

4 Malaysia

When it comes to Asian breakfasts, Malaysia boasts its Nasi Lemak – a dish having a combination of coconut rice, an egg, peanuts, along with a part of the chicken, with sauce. Malaysia also houses the best mi goring, roti canai, and fishball noodles. Asian food in Malaysia is also cheap. Restaurants that provide the best Asian dishes are Jing Ze Contemporary Asian, Amber, Asian Cibo, Samira by Asian Terrace. And many more. Street food to locate here are Apam balik, Roti john, Kuih, etc.

3 Iran

Iranian cuisine is renowned for its unique spiced stews, kebabs, rice pilafs, and fresh bread. Among the top Asian restaurants in Iran is the Chop Chop. Apart from being a cozy place, additionally, it serves the best sushi, marinated chicken and beef, and noodles. Another Asian restaurant that is on top may be the Nakaya Asian Cuisine, which serves a wide range of choices in sushi, and delicious fried rice. The prices in Nakaya are a bit pricey but it's worth it since the services are also good.

2 Indonesia

Indonesia is better known for its meaty dishes such as the Indonesian Satay, a juicy skewer cooked through coals. Beef rendang can also be famous which originated from Sumatra, it is like a beef curry but doesn't have broth. Indonesia also serves one of the best Asian Fried Rice, it's a mixture of beef and seafood with chicken, veggies, and egg. The Siomai is also special in Indonesia since it is served with peanut sauce. It's Indonesia's version of dim sum.

1 South Korea

Korean your meals are best known for lots of sides. Food has been a bond with friends in Korea and it is usually paired with beer. Korean cuisine is becoming mainstream due to the K-drama fever wherein fans would get interested in what they're seeing on the watch's screen. Popular Korean dishes include bibimbap – fried rice mixed with kimchi and other sides, grilled meat is also common as along with bulgogi and bean-sprout soup. Chicken dishes will also be popular and are best combined with alcohol.

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