Edinburgh Street Food: Must-Visit Markets For Scottish Flavors

Scotland's unique dishes aren't limited to the likes of haggis and blood sausage. The cuisine of the ancient country is one that goes back centuries but in present times, a lot of those flavors have evolved into something truly brilliant. It is a delight for that senses so that you can stroll through an Edinburgh market and check out various bites, and it's a surprisingly popular activity within this Scottish capital.

In recent years, the meals scene in Edinburgh is growing, with new markets to understand more about and new vendors to satisfy. If everyone's taste buds are prepared, this is exactly what a true food adventure appears like in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Head To City Markets For Local Flavor

There's no 'one' spot to enjoy Edinburgh's finest street food but there is a right way to experience it. In some countries, for example Istanbul, it's easy to find street vendors somewhat randomly on popular streets. In Edinburgh, the majority of the city's best vendors is going to be congregated at its open-air markets. That's not to say that vendors won't be manning their carts and trucks within the streets, but anyone looking to get an assorted taste of Scotland's street meals are better off visiting markets.

The Pitt Market

Home to roughly 40 vendors who appear every Saturday in Leith, Culture Trip refers for this like a 'kingdom' of food trucks. To that effect, it's not at all wrong – this has become the place to be with regards to finding some of Edinburgh's best flavors all in one spot. On the regular, the forex market is alive and kickin' until 10 PM while offering a multitude of flavors and dishes, from sweet to savory and all things in between. To keep the party going, live music is usually part of any visit to The Pitt.

Some frequent vendors include:

  • The Buffalo Truck: Home towards the best buttermilk fried chicken burgers in Edinburgh. Also they are three-time award-winning!
  • Ròst: Scottish dishes having a modern twist, often including local and seasonal ingredients to create those flavors really pop.
  • barnacles&bones: Seafood and unusual cuts of meat that are sure to please the senses and delight the tastebuds. Steak on fries with gremolata is a popular choice!
  • Free the Chili: Spicing up choice cuts of meat and veggies in dishes for example Nam Nam Naan, surely certain to illuminate (literally) anyone's palate.
  • SPOT.: A chef-run cafe that curates specialty desserts, supporting small dessert businesses and featuring a number of goodies with homemade shakes, to boot.

*Note: Temporarily postponed during the time of writing.

Waverly Market

On Fridays at Platform 2, Waverly Marketplace is an execllent choice for those seeking to jazz things up. It's easy to find for individuals who can navigate their method to the train station, and it is a lively couple of 40+ vendors who are ready to share their finest dishes with all of visiting. Everything from artisanal pastries to hot dinners can be found only at that market – and it is a great excuse to obstruct jumping on the train. Additionally, craft vendors often set stalls up at Waverly Market, therefore it is a lot of fun all around for newcomers to Edinburgh who're looking for one-of-a-kind keepsakes, too.

The market is open from 11 AM – 7 PM, so for all those wanting to catch a train midday, this can be a good way to grab a semi-early bite to consume beforehand. This is also an excellent place to test those more traditional Scottish foods which have been transformed into on-the-go snacks.

Street Food Fridays

At Fountainbridge, visitors to Edinburgh will be delighted to see many of the same vendors that attend The Pitt at a market called Street Food Fridays. With a name this specific, it's certain to be amazing, right? Also it is really.

This open-air fest of street food vendors ranges from 11 AM – 5 PM on Fridays and often includes the very best vendors in all of Scotland. That's a pretty alluring deal for the true foodies out there, and it is a fantastic option for individuals who can't get to The Pitt on Saturday nights. While this market does see the usual suspects in the stall spaces, each week brings by using it the promise of new food vendors, too. So each week, it's an exciting new array of flavors just waiting to become tasted. Some popular vendors who make weekly appearances are:

  • Babu Bombay Street Kitchen
  • Steampunk Coffee
  • barnacles&bones
  • French Connection Creperie

Of course, Edinburgh offers plenty more markets all year round than these three, and many are seasonal. For all those looking for a full experience and also the most diversity, however, these ought to be put into every foodie's calendar when visiting Edinburgh.

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