Coffee Lovers: You'll Love The Starbuck's Roastery In Seattle

For lots of people, coffee is really a daily ritual. Whether consumed like a morning pick-me-up or used as a study aid, many coffee lovers confess that life would be very different with no popular beverage.

Coffee enthusiasts can find out about coffee plants while touring Hawaii's Kona Coffee Farm or visiting some cool coffee joints in NYC. However, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery was built specifically for the coffee aficionado in mind!

Built in 2022, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle is the first Starbucks roastery in the world. At 15,000 sq feet, this monstrous roastery comes with tools that only an espresso lover can dream of. This beautiful space houses equipment like hoppers, a cold brew system, roasters, and a copper cask, all used to craft a few of the best-tasting coffees on the planet.

Since its inception, Starbucks Reserve Roasteries have been established in other international cities (especially Chicago, which features the world's largest Starbucks)! However, the charm from the Seattle Starbucks Roastery offers coffee fanatics an experience and atmosphere they won't ever forget.

However, tourists who believe that the Starbucks Reserve Roastery is definitely an overrated tourist trap should reconsider visiting this massive coffee wonderland. Here is why travelers going to Seattle should visit this ritzy roastery!

8 Learn How The World-Famous Coffee Is Made

Coffee lovers around the world understand Starbucks coffee. This international chain can be found in all corners around the globe! Now, coffee fanatics going to the Seattle Starbucks Reserve can tour the facility and learn about the world-famous coffee, from bean to cup. Visitors can even sample a chocolate truffle or perhaps a Princi (an Italian bakery based in Milan) pastry for the next fee.

7 You can test Coffee Made From Rare Beans

Not only performs this Roastery make iconic Starbucks beverages, they also do so with a couple from the rarest coffee beans on the planet. Coffee-drinkers can find some unique coffee bean varieties at the reserve, such as the Vietnam Da Lat, Uganda's sun-dried red cherry, or Ethiopia's Kayon Mountain Farm beans. These rare coffee beans are incorporated harmoniously into beverages, creating smooth notes with unique tastes.

6 Enjoy a coffee-flavored cocktail!

Care for any pistachio-buttered rum? What about a gin matcha? Mixologists at Seattle's Starbucks Reserve infuse Starbucks coffee or tea with alcohol to craft delicious coffee-infused cocktails. These beverages pair well with the Roastery's meat and cheese board. They also sell local craft beer and wines for patrons.

5 Enjoy Coffee And A Meal In the Roastery

Seattle's Starbucks Roastery is open 7 days a week, from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. That means visitors can enjoy their diverse menu equipped in the morning, lunch, and dinner. Foodies can enjoy classic breakfast things like egg sandwiches and avocado toast. For supper, guests have a wide range of food to select from, such as the Roastery's lasagne bolognese, pizza, Foccacia bread sandwiches, and salads. Be sure to save room for dessert! Try their cannoli siciliani and their signature princina tart. Dedicated foodies will love that Starbucks Roastery serves excellent coffee and fresh Italian baked goods!

4 You Can Try Barrel-Aged Coffee!

Some beverages taste best when aged inside a barrel, like dark red or bourbon. But, as it turns out, barrel-aged coffee could be very good too! The Starbucks Reserve in Seattle ages Guatemala coffee beans to concoct spirit-free beverages. Visitors can sample these aged beans in 3 ways: the whisky barrel-aged cold brew, Irish con crema, and the cold brew trio flight.

3 Your investment Beer Flight; Try The Coffee Flight!

A beer flight is a superb method to sample a restaurant's local choice of craft beer. But, at the Starbucks Roastery, visitors can sample a coffee flight instead! Coffee fanatics can choose between a coffee, cold brew, or espresso flight to sample the iconic flavors Starbucks is renowned for. Each flight includes Two to three samples of beverages, by having an choice to add chocolate truffles to the experience!

2 You can test Seasonal Coffee Creations, Limited to The Roastery

The baristas at the Seattle Starbucks Roastery craft coffee beverages that may not be located in almost any other Starbucks chain. Coffee lovers can enjoy innovative drinks just like a pistachio latte, a dark chocolate mocha, or the hazelnut bianco latte. These fancy drinks are made the same way his or her classic coffee menu, alongside special add-ins like infused milk and dark chocolate!

1 The Classy Decor Is Worth The Visit Alone

Starbucks coffee shops are recognized to attract customers using the fragrant aroma of coffee. However, the interior decor at the Starbucks Roastery in Seattle is worth visiting, even when it wasn't for that coffee! Visitors will notice the main bar's solid marble and wood table, handcrafted in NYC. Meanwhile, the furnishings round the Roastery can also be constructed from wood, overlooking the giant roasters. They even have a library dedicated to coffee! The Roastery is well-versed in coffee, so visitors can be assured that they're getting great recommendations from knowledgeable staff.

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