Pastries In Portland: Finding The City's Best Sweets

Portland's reputation for culinary creativity precedes it, even just in the situation of pastries. Nothing can compare to entering a bakery and being hit with the scent of sugar, fresh bread, and the subtle hint of vanilla, cinnamon, and other spices. Portland might be known for its rad coffee shops, however it ought to be noted for its incredible pastry art, too.

Wandering through various neighborhoods in this region will certainly lead to some tasty discoveries, why not follow a guide instead? When it comes to finding the right bakery or pastry shop, there's nothing like having the ability to simply look into the best spots off one's list.

Just a little About Portland's Pastry Culture

As with an artistic hub, Portland is filled with creatives that have a significant love of life. This translates well when it comes to food and lots of Portland restaurants present dishes that are practically art on the plate. When it comes to the pastry arts, this Oregon city excels for the reason that, as well – and achieves this in a way that entices and enchants visitors who're seeking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, and Portland's best bakeries have discovered ways to let the creativity flow to be able to stay ahead of the rest. when the competition is every single pastry shop in the country as opposed to just one state, alone, things could possibly get pretty interesting… and they certainly do.

When you are looking at finding the right pastries in Portland, people to this hip city can begin with one of these.

La Rose Patisserie

La Rose has consistently been at the top of the list for some time now, as well as their fusion of French and Asian techniques and flavors likely accounts for that. This dynamic duo of sweet cuisines is fused together to create something altogether unique and different, and it has caught the interest of everyone in the city. As well as for those wondering, yes – rose pastries can be found in the display case, which mousse sponge cakes really are a local favorite.

The combinations of pastry flavors operate in harmony and unison, making each bite better than the last, the true gift of los angeles Rose Patisserie. On the exterior, these pastries are as beautiful as can be, with intricate and precise piping, airbrushing, and decorating. With French flour and authentic Japanese matcha being imported regularly, you will find that La Rose has earned the title among the best patisseries in Portland.

  • Must-Try: Rose-shaped mousse sponge cake, rainbow crepe cake, and souffle pancakes (weekends only)

Jinju Patisserie

It's always a house run when food looks far too beautiful to even eat, which is the case at Jinju Patisserie. These fancy, decadent pastries are elevated in a way that means they are look as though they belong inside a museum rather than behind a bakery display. However, the flavors of these incredible sweets are very well worth demolishing them for.

Opening in Portland, Jinju has received praise for quickly becoming among the best pastry shops in Portland. The pastry chefs at Jinju come from Vegas which is their luxe nature and the art of design behind each one of these, as well as sparks a sense of curiosity for those who have never stepped foot into this bakery.

  • Must-Try: Fruit tart, bonbons, six-layer mousse cake, macarons, peanut butter treat

Baker & Spice

Baker & Spice is a unique mixture of cake art and cafe delights and is well worth the visit to Portland's Hillsdale neighborhood. This bakery is how organic and natural meet traditional and flavorful, and visitors can't go wrong with anything from the selection behind the counter. The Cakery is the spin-off for those things cake, and also the creations walking out the door of this bakery are breathtaking. Together with custom cakes, people to this bakery can also find cookbooks, cake decorating and baking tools, and cake stands- it's practically a one-stop shop for everything cake.

Baker & Spice is the best place to stay in to have an early-morning bite before checking out The Cakery. With a beautiful combination of local and organic ingredients, the treats one will find here are sure to make an impression.

  • Must-Try: Croissants, Buckwheat Cardamom Kougin Amann, galette, savory bread pudding


The owner of the Bakeshop is the one and only Kim Boyce, the writer of Good towards the Grain: Baking with Whole-Grain Flours, which won the James Beard Award. Kim Boyce herself was nominated for the award in 2022, and all it takes is stepping foot in the Bakeshop to see – or smell, or taste – why.

Bakeshop's niche is creating pastries, pies, cakes, and the like with whole grain products. This, alone, has gained a tremendous following in the Portland area. The delightful blend of creativity and whole-grain sources is truly unique and stands alone in the flavors. A true gem of Portland and Oregon, generally, Bakeshop is not to be missed.

  • Must-Try: Quiche, burnt basque cheesecake, croissant croque monsieur, marionberry scones

No matter whereby Portland foodies may be visiting, any one of these pastry shops could make sweet dreams become a reality. If you don't believe us, just give them a try!

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