Save Your Money: Eat Your Way Through Miami For $20 Each day

Miami isn't just a destination with bright lights and endless parties; the lively city is also a good way to wine and dine. Becoming an international city, Miami has flavors all corners from the globe. In the robust flavor of Latin cuisine to the complexity of Italian flavors, travelers can enjoy food from all over the world in Miami. Unfortunately, luxurious restaurants within the city could be a tad pricey (and out of people's price range). Simultaneously, Miami isn't exactly a cheap travel destination, despite the many save-money activities the city offers!

However, i am not saying there's a insufficient cheap, delicious eats within the sunny city. Budget travelers will feast their eyes on some of the best (and affordable) restaurants to check out in Miami!

10 Fireman David's Bakeshop And Desserts

  • Address: 3435 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133
  • Price Range: $3+
  • Popular Menu Item: Key lime pie, candy guava cookie

Self-taught baker Derek Kaplan was also a fireman in a previous life. Today, he serves up his signature key lime pie to hungry foodies. Acknowledged as among the best bakeshops in Miami, Derek created this local favorite when he was 15! This key lime pie was voted by Miami New Times because the “Best Key Lime Pie” within the city. Try other pie flavors, too, such as the chocolate peanut butter pie or the salty monkey (a banana-based pie with pretzels on top)!

9 El Ray De Las Fritas

  • Address: 1821 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135
  • Price Range: $3 to $5+
  • Popular Menu Item: Frita Cubana

Some of the greatest Cuban food is in Miami. Thus, since 1976, El Ray De Las Fritas is home to the initial Fritz Cubana, developed by Victoriano “Benito” Gonzalez. The Fritz Cubana is a unique sandwich having a beef patty snuggled into potato shoestring fries, complete with a fluffy Cuban Roll. The flavor behind the burger is “La Formula,” that is a restaurant secret!

8 Arbetter Hot Dogs

  • Address: 8747 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165
  • Price Range: $3 to $8+
  • Popular Food selection: World's best chili dog

Regarded because the world's greatest chili dogs in Miami, Arbetter Hotdogs are intended in 1959 by Dave Arbetter. Since then, customers can try their signature chili dog, topped with their world-famous chili. Customers can also indulge in Arbetter's 1/8 all-natural beef sabre with free toppings for something heartier. Otherwise, they can settle for a tasty Zelda dog, a warm dog with everything onto it!

7 Whip N Dip Ice Cream Shoppe

  • Address: 1407 Sunset Dr, Miami, FL 3314
  • Price Range: $3 to $7+
  • Popular Food selection: Brownie batter frozen treats

Since 1985, George Giampetro Sr and his wife Nancy started the Whip N Dip Ice Cream Shoppe. Today, this family-owned business includes a ton of flavors to attract the ultimate ice cream lover. Each ice cream flavor is made from local ingredients and a 14% butterfat ice cream base for maximum creaminess! Try some classic flavors like vanilla and strawberry. Sample their fruit sorbet each week or perhaps their signature Bulldog Blitz flavor. They likewise have lite soft serve frozen treats with simply 18 calories per ounce!

6 Frankies Pizza

  • Address: 9118 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33165
  • Price Range: $2 to $12+
  • Popular Menu Item: Tomato and cheese pizza slice

Since 1995, Frankie's Pizza has been family-run and sells their signature square pizza, made with homemade dough. Starting at $1.80 a slice, customers can also enjoy a square slice of Frankie's iconic pizza. They also sell their pizza entirely sizes starting at $9.00. Try their tiramisu, chocolate cookies, or brownies for some great dessert.

5 El Mago De Los Fritas

  • Address: 5828 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 3314
  • Price Range: $5+
  • Popular Food selection: Frita Cubana, Mago's flan or Dulce de lece

Looking for any burger with a few great flavor? Try the Cuban burger at El Mago De Las Fritas in West Miami on Calle Ocho. This Miami restaurant has been around since 1984, serving up their famous Cuban burger. Each burger is made with a combo of ground beef, pork, chorizo, and seasoning, topped with fried potato sticks, ketchup, onions, and a soft roll! To help keep it authentic, order the burger without cheese!

4 El Palacia De Los Jugos

  • Address: 10 locations in Miami!
  • Price Range: $4 to $15+
  • Popular Food selection: Pan con Bistec, Yuca Con Mojo

Supposedly the “best Cuban cuisine” in Miami, you will find 10 locations spread across the city! Since 1977, the restaurant has been dedicated to serving authentic Cuban cuisine locally. Travelers visiting this famous restaurant need their chicharrones or fried pork belly rings!

3 Versailles Restaurant

  • Address: 3555 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135-4196
  • Price Range: $4 to $20+
  • Popular Menu Item: Cuban sandwich

Operating for more than 50 years (since 1971), the Versailles Restaurant is dubbed “The world's most famous Cuban restaurant in South Florida.” Customers can enjoy a hearty special from vaca frita de pollo to Cuban-style macaroni from Monday to Sunday. Versailles restaurant serves up cozy and homemade Cuban food on their own menu, which range from chicken to salads. This restaurant is ideal for travelers visiting Miami with groups or families.

2 Heads Or Tails Seafood

  • Address: 3621 NW 54th St, Miami, FL 3314
  • Price Range: $4 to $20+
  • Popular Food selection: Fried snapper or dolphin fish meal

Budget travelers may not find this restaurant too friendly around the wallet, but they can continue to enjoy some good deals starting at $4. Their portions will also be quite generous, perfect for foodies craving fresh seafood. Visit this no-frills restaurant located beside a seafood market. Have a warm bowl of soap de pescado or a delicious pan con minuta, a simple Cuban-style sandwich with fish! The restaurant also offers great specials every week, including delights like paella or clam chowder.

1 Mi Rinconcito Mexicano

  • Address: 1961 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135
  • Price Range: $8 to $20+
  • Popular Menu Item: Queso Fundido Poblano, Tampique~na, Mole Enchiladas

For authentic Mexican food, Mi Rinconcito Mexicano won't disappoint travelers. Found on Calle Ocho, this restaurant serves old-school Mexican fare, from tasty tacos to savory tortas. Visitors can take advantage of a platter meal with a combination of tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, guacamole, and much more!

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