Believe It: These Restaurants Cook Food With Volcanoes

Sipping cocktails inside a grotto cave is a few travelers' meaning of an event, although some tourists prefer exploring small towns. The truth is, everyone's meaning of travel and vacation is different, therefore the travel itinerary of one traveler might not fulfill another tourist. Specifically, there are no doubt travelers who love hopping on the plane to enjoy new food and outlandishly unique vibes.

In response, restaurant managers worldwide created unique dining concepts along with some ingenuity, using the environment to craft an amazing culinary experience. A few of these restaurants incorporate the game of nearby volcanoes, be it for food preparation or using their dramatic landscape as a beautiful backdrop!

8 Pizza Pacaya (San Vincente Pacaya, Guatemala)

  • Address: Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala (contact restaurant for details)

Dining within an underwater restaurant in the Maldives is excellent, but Pizza Pacaya is fairly neat too! Pizza Pacaya's owner Mario David García Mansilla, takes tourists to the Pacaya Volcano, bringing with him ingredients to make pizza. Tourists can view as the pizza cooks over the active volcano where temperatures can reach 1800 °F or 1000°C! Then, visitors can devour the new hot pie! There aren't any walls in this restaurant by itself because Mario only offers this experience to those who book it ahead of time. He can be contacted on Pizza Pacaya's Facebook page or through Whatsapp.

7 El Diablo Restaurant (Teguise, Spain)

  • Address: Monta~na del Fuego, Carretera general Yaiza-Tinajo s/n, 35570, Las Palmas, Spain

El Diablo Restaurant is a favorite establishment amongst tourists, as well as for a very good reason. Cooking food is performed using nature's oven: an active volcano! Stacks of basalt rocks are layered to create a makeshift oven over an entrance towards the volcano (dormant, obviously). This oven generates heat that is hot enough to grill kabobs of meat. Found on Spain's Lanzarote Island, this restaurant also provides incredible views of the Timanfaya National Park.

6 Azores Essentials (Furnas, Azores, Portugal)

  • Address: Rua das Caldeiras s/n, 9675-045 Furnas, Portugal

Self-proclaimed tea experts should travel to the Violet Volcanic Tea House in the Azores. Located in Furnas, this excellent tea house sells a variety of rare Azorean teas, including a variety produced from local thermal waters! Under 50kg of those specialty teas are produced every year, attracting the most ultimate gourmets. Visitors can savor and sip some Azorean tea and admire a look at the Caldeiras das Furnas.

5 Caldeiras e Vulc~oes (Furnas, Azores, Portugal)

  • Address: R. Das Caldeiras no 36, 9675-045 Furnas, Portugal

Caldeiras e Vulc~oes delivers an Azorean delight that any foodie tourist will appreciate: cozido da Furnas. Using steam from the nearby volcanic hot springs, cooks prepare rich stew with meat and vegetables. The stew is cooked on the any period of time inside a hole dug in the hot springs area. The end result? A flavorful and comforting stew! Otherwise, non-meat eaters can also enjoy their vegan or vegetarian rendition of the stew, using vegetables and beans. Caldeiras e Vulc~oes is also a great restaurant to test local ingredients, like local Furnas yam, blood sausage, or sweet bread!

4 Thrihnukagigur Volcano (Hafnarfjordur, Iceland)

  • Address: Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

Lovers of proper dining and luxury travel can enjoy an elegant meal inside the Thrihnukagigur Volcano, offered by the Y.CO Yacht Charter Team. Guests will descend down an elevator, bringing 200 meters to the volcano. A local Icelandic chef will prepare an ideal meal decorated with white table cloth and crystal glassware. While meals won't be cooked using a volcano, lucky diners can also enjoy dining within the ambiance inside an inactive volcano. Otherwise, touring the Thrihnukagigur Volcano in Iceland with 3-H Travel's Inside The Volcano is an alternative option! While travelers may not necessarily eat food cooked using a volcano's heat, guests can indulge in traditional Icelandic meat (or vegetarian) soup after the excursion.

3 Restaurante Canto da Doca (Horta, Portugal)

  • Address: Rua Nova, 9900-038 Horta, Portugal

Overlooking the Atlantic, Restaurant Canta da Doca in Horta is not immediately nearby a volcano. However, guests who dine in the restaurant will prepare their own food using a lava stone slab. Choose from a variety of meat, seafood, and vegetables and revel in cooking them on a hot bit of lava stone, filled with bread, butter, as well as an array of sauces!

2 Sirocco Milos (Milos, Greece)

  • Address: Palaiohori, Milos, ZIP: 84801, Cyclades, Greece

Situated around the Paleohori beach lies Sirocco Milos. This restaurant serves a range of traditional Greek cuisine cooked inside a wood-fired oven. The atmosphere is also excellent, as guests can dine while enjoying a stunning look at the coast. This restaurant also cooks various dishes using sand in the nearby beach. Because of the volcanic activity in Paliochori, the sands by the pool can reach 102°C! Therefore, the food is slow-cooked occasionally (like fish), all night, sometimes overnight!

1 Blue Lagoon's LAVA Restaurant (Grindavík, Iceland)

  • Address: Nordurljósavegur 9 240 Grindavík Iceland

Blue Lagoon is Iceland's most popular tourist attraction. Though its hot spring is manmade, the facility's volcanic area isn't! When visiting the Blue Lagoon, travelers can treat themselves to fine dining in the Lava Restaurant. Volcanoes aren't used for cooking food here! Instead, diners can enjoy a menu of dishes with traditional Icelandic flare while admiring the dramatic hues from the surrounding lava cliff, that is over 800 years old!

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