Sweet Savannah: Tour From the City's Tastiest Desserts

Georgia is a state that's known for its sweets, and if there's something that screams Southern charm it is a decadent cake or perhaps a rich pastry. Savannah, particularly, is really a city filled with historic architecture and beautiful gardens, with a culinary scene that's equally on par in both aspects. Every bakery window has something to provide future visitors and each delicious scent that wafts out of its cafes invites people in to understand more about.

Those seeking to indulge in their sweet tooth while visiting Savannah should think about seeking out its most famed desserts – as well as where, and just how, to get the best of them.

Georgia's Famed Sweets & Savannah's Sweet Reputation

Georgia is known for two major things: peaches and pecans. What one thinks of regarding both of these things is, of course, pie. While both peach and pecan pie can be found in abundance throughout Georgia (and not simply for Thanksgiving!), they are not the only sweet dishes that the state is known for. Praline is another popular dessert treat and it is commonly found in many bakeries throughout the state as well as in Savannah, one could even find the best of the best.

As far as peaches go, visitors will likely discover the typical peach pie but probably find peach jellies, jams, preserves, cobbler, as well as ice cream. With the city's year-round warm temperatures, there's nothing better on a hot summer's day than the usual slice of peach cobbler. Or, if one is feeling crazy, a slice of peach pie with peach ice cream.

Ready to locate some of these mouthwatering treats? Here's where visitors can turn to get their sweet tooth on.

Food Around Savannah

One of the best ways to get a true taste of Savannah and it is sweets is thru a dessert tour. While any food tour through Savannah will yield only the greatest of the city's culinary delights, there is something different about exploring its desserts. Those interested in among the best can book through Southern Flavors Savannah, and also the tour is known as Dessert Tour: Savannah's Sweet Spot. Based on the tour site, this journey promises that visitors will:

“Discover our local sweet spot! Every tour goes down better with a spoonful of sugar. Learn about the city's history while nibbling scrumptious sweets throughout Historic downtown Savannah. Visit various restaurants and eateries known for their tasty desserts. Dessert tastings and a drink (sweet tea, soda, water) are contained in the ticket price.”

Additionally, tour participants is going to be taken to many sweet spots in Savannah, including the Cheesecake Market at Tondee's Tavern, known, obviously, because of its legendary cheesecake. This spot also has a historic connection with Savannah's Mabel's on Ellis Square, that is interesting for newcomers to learn about. For coffee lovers, an end at Blends on Broughton Street is sure to bring a smile, especially with a side of coffee cake along with a fresh cup of joe. When you have much more room still within their stomachs, next out there is Odin and Sons, which is seriously slaying the sport with regards to the ever-beautiful art of French macarons.

After completing at Wright Square, tour takers is going to be led to City Market, where they'll finally obtain a taste of a Savannah (and Georgia) specialty: praline. These samples are certain to awaken a real love for Savannah desserts for those having a sweet tooth, also it could be argued that no one will it better. Following that (and, hopefully, everyone continues to have some room left…) are the best cookie samples within the city at Byrd's Famous Cookie Co.

Ready just for a bit more? There's one final stop on the Southern Flavors Savannah Tour, and it includes a very traditional dessert: brownies and ice cream. This dish is not only any ordinary brownie and frozen treats, though – the brownies are handmade by Dub's Public House, and also the frozen treats is perfectly churned and exquisite. As well as, the views from the waterfront out of this well-loved location are first rate. It's a great way to finish off what's already a (literally) sweet day, and visitors could be more than happy to indulge in every one of this tour's stops.

Southern Flavors Savannah Tour Info

Those looking to book a dessert – or any food tour – through Southern Flavors Savannah can head to their site. Dessert tours start at $45 and could be booked online, 7 days each week through the online calendar. Other unique tours include a Haunted Pub Crawl, in addition to a regular Savannah Pub Crawl.

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