Not Just BBQ: Nashville's Best Street Food Appears like This

Nashville's food scene is nearly as famous as the Music City's top attractions like the Grand Ole Opry and also the New bands Hall of Fame. While it's the birthplace of Nashville hot chicken and a bastion for biscuits and BBQ, the Nashville food scene is more eclectic and various of computer appears initially. That isn't to say visitors can't still grab Southern homestyle cooking and killer fried chicken, it simply implies that the city's cuisine scene has also gone global by having an influx of international influences that have elevated local favorites and birthed new and exciting food niches all their own.

And one of these niches is without a doubt the city's parade of incredible food trucks-a bevy of meals on wheels that ramble throughout the city providing a veritable smorgasbord of mouthwatering street food to satisfy any traveler's craving for on-the-go bites. Serving up an array of delish cuisine which goes way past the standard Southern faves, Nashville's food truck sitch is really as exciting as the Music City itself.

Note: Nashville's food trucks are always on the run, therefore it is difficult to say where (and when) they may roll-up. A handy tip would be to check their social media for menu listings, hours, and specials; there's also this handy Nashville Street Food Finder where potential diners can scope out where their faves may be on any given day.

The Best Empanadas In Nashville

This might appear to be a bold claim, but to Chivanada, it's simply a way of life. Bringing the best of Colombia to Nashville by means of crispy, cheesy, meat-filled pockets of deliciousness (aka empanadas), the good people of Chivanada describe their food truck as “a party on wheels” serving up excellent empanadas throughout town to the beat of scintillating salsa music.

  • Where To Find Them: Chivanada neighborhood hops around the regular, so the the easy way track them is by checking out their schedule on their website.
  • What To test: Pollo Empanada with bu~nuelos (cheesy yuca hushpuppies) and agua de panela (house-made sugarcane tea)
  • The Star From the Show: Handmade, gluten-free, stuffed cornmeal empanadas with your choice of filling (beef, cheese, chicken, lentil, shrimp, chocolate & cheese)
  • Price: $
  • Order Online? Yes

Grilled Cheese For The Win

Now with three physical locations within the Nashville area, it is easier than ever before to score a sammy of melty cheesy goodness from The Grilled Cheeserie. However, before it became the sensation it's today, The Grilled Cheeserie was one of Nashville's OG food trucks plus they can nonetheless be found through the city serving in the gooey goods even today.

  • Where To Find Them: Location changes daily and the schedule is updated weekly. The schedule are available online and IG page @thegrilledcheeserie
  • What To test: Pimento Mac & Chee (with house0made pimento cheese) having a side of cheesy tots and a Tennessee sweat tea
  • The Star Of The Show: All of the fab specialty melts are stars
  • Price: $
  • Order Online? Online ordering can be obtained for the physical locations

Authentic Mexican Eats

Tacos and tamales are some of the best food truck grub around, and the Saguaro Shack makes the best within the city. Though the menu is simplicity itself, the components are uber-fresh and the result is delish handhelds which are authentically amazing.

  • Where To locate Them: Weekly schedule can be viewed on IG @thesaguaroshack
  • What To test: Taco fried potato with a side of carne asada fries
  • The Star Of The Show: The Cactus Tamale (!)
  • Price: $
  • Order Online? Yes

Waitress or Heaven

The humble hotdog is definitely an icon of food truck fare, as well as in Nashville, the best place to attain one on the run is at Nash Dogs. Fresh, Angus beef franks topped with any number of yummy toppings, all on the soft, honey roll? Add homemade chili made with love plus you've got one of the best doggone food trucks within the Music City.

  • Where To locate Them: Weekly schedule can be seen online
  • What To Try: The Bear (chili, cheddar, grilled onions) and also the Herman (crushed original Lays poker chips, grilled onions, and green pepper, mustard)
  • The Star From the Show: The Nash: Simple, and delicious, the namesake dog is topped having a pickle spear, mayo, and mustard
  • Price: $
  • Order Online? Yes

Say Aloha To Awesome Hawaiian Food

Taste of Aloha's authentic Pacific Island food truck is serving in the goods with their from-scratch island faves. A couple duo plating up Kine Grindz (that's Hawaiian-style regional cuisine, BTW), Taste of Aloha's delightful fare is simply further evidence of Nashville's food truck domination.

  • Where To Find Them: Weekly schedule are available on Facebook @TasteOfAlohaFoodTruck
  • What To test: Kalua Pork Sandwich with Hawaiian Mac Salad plus some Malasadas for dessert
  • The Star Of The Show: Spam Musubi (original Hawaiian seaweed sandwich)
  • Price: $
  • Order Online? Yes

I'm Laovin' It

Any listing of Nashville's crème de la crème of food truck finds would be incomplete without some awesome Asian eats-and Laovin It certainly will do the job with their epic Southeast Asian cuisine that is fresh, inventive, and totally delish.

  • Where To Find Them: Laovin It's location can be found on Facebook @LaovinIt
  • What To test: Stir-Fried Ramen Noodles, Fried Chicken Wings, Fried Egg Rolls
  • The Star Of The Show: Lao Spicy Sausages and Sticky Rice
  • Price: $
  • Order Online? Yes

Other Food Truck Faves

The Music City has a plethora of great food trucks to try that go beyond the list above-these are just a some of the most notable Nashville noshes for visitors looking who wish to try a meal on wheels on their own next trip. All of the food trucks below can be found using the Nashville Street Food Finder.

  • Persian Flame Persian and Iranian cuisine at its finest
  • The Rolling Recipe Nashville-inspired Southern fusion sammies and sides
  • Greedy's 100% Angus Beef Burgers and hand-cut fries
  • Creole Roll Authentic New Orleans faves

Visitors to Nashville will love the city's eclectic and artistic food scene that goes way beyond its brick-and-mortar restaurants. By having an equally distinctive battalion of food trucks spinning their way through the city waiting for everyone up the best on-the-go goods, foodies everywhere will find something to smile about when prowling the streets of Tennessee's capital city.

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