Experience The Virginia Beach Boardwalk Via a Food Tour

There are few experiences as exciting as going to a brand new beach, especially one with as lively a boardwalk as Virginia Beach. It may be closely compared to that of Brooklyn's Coney Island or even Delaware's Rehoboth Beach and Boardwalk. The experience, beach scene, shopping, nightlife, and food, especially, are part of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk experience.

For those who are remaining in a hotel within easy reach of the boardwalk (or even on it!), the present of delicious culinary bites is only minutes away. From restaurants with stellar views to iconic boardwalk snacks that one can eat on the run, there is no lack of things for a visitor's tastebuds to see. Among the best ways to do that, though, would be to book a Virginia Beach food tour.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk And Beyond Food Tours

It's simple to imagine what one might find while strolling along a beachside boardwalk: ice cream, candy shops, quick bites like pizza and tacos, and even perhaps a high-end seafood restaurant or two. Not only does the Virginia Beach Boardwalk include food stops that are essential for newcomers to the beach, but it also extends past the boardwalk to incorporate stops that visitors may never have thought of making. This food tour is a great way for first-timers to Virginia Beach to see all its culinary delights, of which there are lots of.

From the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Beyond Food Tours website:

“The Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Beyond Food Tour goes in the famous strip which has beckoned vacationers for decades towards the serene Rudee Inlet that boasts some of the best from the beaten path restaurants in the city.”

Anyone who's familiar with this strip of beach known as the boardwalk can also be acquainted with the fact that the food options are seemingly endless. However, it's not only the flavors that are at play for someone who's on holiday – it is also the setting. The landscape that Virginia Beach is renowned for, which includes the ever-crashing waves of the Atlantic along with a well-manicured beach scene, are area of the experience, as a whole. There's nothing like enjoying great food and taking in the laid-back atmosphere that comes with chill beach shops, classic surf vibes, and also the overall ease that accompany living by the pool, however temporary.

The restaurants near the Virginia Beach Boardwalk are quieter and frequently provide a more laid-back atmosphere compared to those found on most boardwalks. It is because of this quiet inlet setting that tour-takers can look forward to a distinctive experience that's both intimate and interesting.

What Will Tour-Takers Eat On A Food Tour?

With so many great restaurants and gourmet shops, it's tough not to add every one of them to a food tour list. However, guests on tour look forward to these foods on their way:

  • Freshly-caught seafood from both Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay
  • The city's own homegrown cocktail
  • Asian and European-style tapas created using locally-sourced and regional ingredients
  • Award-winning she-crab soup
  • Numerous hand-made desserts and sweets

What Do Will Tour-Takers learn On A Food Tour?

Additionally, guests on the tour with Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Beyond Food Tours will become familiar with about more than just the meals they're sampling. A brief history of Virginia Beach and also the surrounding area is prevalent not just in its appearance however in its culinary roots, as well. Guests will become familiar with about the good reputation for the areas surrounding each stop, along with the various cultures that helped to shape what it is today.

With Jamestown not being too much, guests also provide the chance to learn about the first settlers to the state. In addition to this, it will be revealed what John Smith and his crew ate in the region referred to as Virginia Beach before finally heading to Jamestown – a little-known secret for individuals who aren't local to the area!

Along using the stunning landscape that Virginia Beach is known for, guests will enjoy indigenous and local creations, all brought to life by the eating places and shops that decision Virginia Beach 'home.'

Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Beyond Food Tour Details

Those interested in taking a tour can register through the Coastal Food Tours website; they take place from Tuesday to Sunday from three PM to 6 PM. The meeting location is supplied upon ticket purchase but will be approximately Atlantic and 2nd Avenue, Virginia Beach.

  • Ticket Cost: $59 + a $3 ticket processing fee
  • Age Limit: Suitable for all ages
  • Tour Length: Approximately three hours
  • Attire: Tour participants should dress comfortably in weather-appropriate clothing, with comfortable footwear (tours are rain or shine)
  • Included: All foods and beverages are contained in the ticket price

While a food tour is just one way to get to know the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, it's certainly one of the best. Specifically for foodies looking to find the best eats in the city!

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