Yums In Yukon: What Makes This Arctic Food So Unique

The Yukon, the smallest territory in Canada, is known for its water that is clean, soil, and natural forests. It's also rich in traditions and history. Those traditions specifically contributed to the emergence of Yukon's unique food culture. For instance, First Nations People, settlers, migrants, and explorers, accustomed to gather and hunt wild food, forage food, fish, and preserve. The Canadian territory offers its visitors uniquely delicious food with unforgettable tastes.

These include wild Yukon raspberries, yummy elk sausage rolls, savory wild salmon drizzled with Yukon birch syrup, plus much more. Recently, passionate local cooks started considering multicultural influences, which prompted them to include international flavors within their recipes. Furthermore, those self same cooks enjoy adding special Yukon wild herbs for their meals, giving them a much more heavenly taste.

Here Are The Tastiest Foods To test When Visiting Yukon

The popular features of Yukon's cuisine are traditional dishes such as Bannock and smoked salmon. While smoked salmon heard this before, Bannock, the staple of their cuisine, is a flatbread originating primarily from Scotland. Early tribes in Yukon now utilize it and incorporated it to their cooking. It's made from a combination of grain, and it can be either baked or fried. It is loved for its crispiness on the exterior and fluffiness inside. The bread became popular as possible eaten in different forms. It works as a yummy burger bun and will be the excellent basis for an egg benedict or everyone's all-time favorite peanut butter and jam.

Talking about sweetness, another famous specialty in the Yukon is the Yukon Syrup (referred to as Yacon Syrup). It is a sweet agent, used in many desserts, obtained from the Yukon plant, which natively grows in the Andes mountains in South America. The syrup has a dark color and consistency similar to molasses.

Another item to satisfy the sweet tooth may be the Snow Frozen treats. Its recipe was designed from snow, but indeed, freshly shaved ice can be used. This dessert is unique because the frozen treats is all-natural without any additives, and ingredients and toppings are added according to preference with no actual or precise measurements. It's mainly based on milk or whatever available liquid ingredient on hand, and it is being whipped while adding the snow, its textures change, also it starts looking a lot more like ice cream.

Those Yukon Cafés And Restaurants Really are a Must-Visit In The Canadian Territory

Some necessary stops at Yukon must be made at numerous cafes and restaurants at the Whitehorse, the hub of eateries in Yukon.

The Chocolate Claim

The Chocolate Claim was a traditional chocolate manufacturing business. Eventually, it grew right into a warm and go-to café for locals to grab an espresso and hand-made chocolate with some friends and revel in tasty pastries using their bakery. In addition to chocolates, they offer yummy sandwiches and soups. It is recommended to order their Chipotle Chicken served with falafel or roasted vegetable and pesto for $10.95.

The Kind Café

As its name entails, this Café's philosophy would be to make this world a much better, kinder, and warmer place through its power and mood-boosting food. It serves plant-based and organic food prepared with local organic ingredients. Their Tumeric Cauliflower bowl at $14.50 is one of the best around the menu. Another popular item is the Tofu Cream Cheese Carrot Lox Toast.

The Woodcutter's Blanket

The Woodcutter's Blanket is a resto-pub built in a 1930s cabin and indexed by the Whitehorse Heritage Building. Not only does it serve cocktails and luxury food, but additionally some artisanal and home-brewed beer. A must-have platter from their menu could be Woodcutter's Burger of smoked house-made YBAR pork with side aioli, lettuce, cheddar, bacon, and homemade pickles just for $19.50.

Baked Café

Baked Café is undoubtedly on the list of must-visit places in Yukon. With its contemporary vibes, comedy, and music nights, the café is a place to go for whoever really wants to have some good times.

Burnt Toast Café

When referring to creative menus, coziness, plus some good wine, Burnt Toast Café is the go-to place. It is unique due to its location in the oldest building of Whitehorse. Their specialty is the 'Burnt Toast” coffee blend. They are famous too for his or her French toast with fresh berries.

Wood Street Ramen

An interesting Yukon-Asian blend would be the one offered by Wood Street Ramen, where locally fresh Yukon ingredients are prepared with Asian putting them to use. The Asian-inspired ramen bar is devoted to supporting local farmers through their farm-to-table cooking philosophy. An exceptional dish on their own menu is the crispy pork noodles with cooked pork belly ($16)

Sanchez Cantina

Sanchez Cantina, a family-led restaurant, remains an unmissable spot to taste some of the best Mexican food in Yukon. Whether within the colorful dining room or around the sunny terrace, people can also enjoy some of the best authentic Mexican dishes, tequilas, margaritas, and beers.

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