This Delicious Food Tour Showcases The Best Of Brooklyn

Native New Yorkers and tourists like to visit the iconic town of Brooklyn to witness the unique attractions and fantastic activities this region provides. They enjoy the good thing about the historic Brooklyn Bridge, which was built-in 1883, and connects Brooklyn and Manhattan over the East River. Moreover, everyone loves to go to Prospect Park to savor exclusive activities, such as horse riding, and witness the zoo, playgrounds, carousel, and the massive Boathouse. For lovers of art, the Brooklyn Museum is really a must-visit when striking the city.

Brooklyn's botanic garden, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Brooklyn War Memorial ought to be on every visitor's list to the city. However, probably the most exciting activities to undertake when visiting Brooklyn is to have a self-guided food tour and taste the yummiest eats the city provides.

This Foreign Cuisine Belongs to Brooklyn's Local Food Culture

The neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn is principally populated by Mexicans and Latinos from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. This is why the immigrants in this neighborhood bought together their own culture, including their food. Consequently, the yummy tortillas have become area of the local food fabric in Brooklyn. Some people refer to the region where five tortilla makers serve the most delicious dough of the specialty as the Tortilla Triangle. Probably the most renowned tortilla maker in the city, Tortilleria Mexicana los Hermanos, is situated right off the Jefferson L stop, where individuals can taste yummy tacos with a look at the tortilla line.

  • Recommended: Individuals are encouraged to grab several packs of tortillas from Tortilleria Mexicana los Hermanos after which shop around all of those other Tortilla Triangle.
  • Locations and names: 5 tortilla makers in Brooklyn's Bushwick are:

– Tortilleria Mexicana los Hermanos, located at 271 Starr Street.

– Tortilleria Plaza Piaxtla, found at 915 Flushing Avenue.

– Tortilleria Chinantla, found at 975 Grand Street.

– Tortilleria Tenochtitlan 2000, located at 952 Flushing Avenue.

– Tortilleria Buena Vista, located at 219 Johnson Avenue.

People going on a food tour in Brooklyn must not leave the town prior to trying the yummy NY Pizza, which is as iconic as Lady Liberty. This unique city meals are noted for its crispy-chewy crust and thinnish dough. Moreover, It can be available at most corner pizza shops in Brooklyn. Anyone going to the city must taste the yummy NY pizza slices of Carmine's Original Pizza. For any pizza served with creative toppings, people must try those at Roberta's, produced on-site, similar to their bread and butter. Other unique pizza restaurants in Brooklyn include Pauline Gee's and finest Pizza.

  • Locations and names: The most iconic NY-style pizza restaurants in Brooklyn are:

– Roberta's, found at 261 Moore Street.

– Carmine's Original Pizza, found at 93 Norman Avenue.

– Best Pizza, located at 33 Havemeyer Street.

– Pauline Gee's, located at 60 Greenpoint Avenue.

This Italian Specialty Is really a Must-Try In Brooklyn's Williamsburg

The neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn is known for its Italian specialties, mainly on Graham Avenue. For instance, the legendary sandwich shop, Graham Ave Meats, and Deli, serves probably the most iconic Mike the Butcher Virtuoso's Godfather sandwich, and the Willie's Italian Special layered with three types of meat, picked through the sandwich maker. People to Williamsburg may also taste the most delicious spiced pork and beef Meat Hook Waitress or at the Meat Hook restaurant within the city. Individuals are recommended also to try the cheese and chili-stuffed Frankenstuffs at The Meat Hook.

  • Locations and names: The most iconic restaurants serving unique Deli and dogs at Williamsburg in Brooklyn are:

– Graham Ave Meats and Deli, located on 445 Graham Avenue.

– The Meat Hook, found at 100 Frost Street.

These Foods Are A Must Try In Brooklyn

New York is renowned for its classic carbs, including its unique NY Pretzels. People are advised to walk by the Ny Pretzel landmark. However, the second isn't open for retail business or factory tours.

People visiting Brooklyn must also try the specialty drinks from the city, including its beer and soda. For instance, Brooklyn includes a rich liquid history, translated within the existence of the Hittleman Brewery, which was built in the 1920s by Edward Hittleman. The brewery changed names many times over the years, and it's now referred to as Brooklyn Brewery.

  • Locations and names:

– Hittleman Bottling Plant, located at 10 Bushwick Place.

– Brooklyn Brewery, located at 71 N 11th Street, aka Brewer's Row.

Soda also has its own place in Brooklyn's history, and individuals are advised to taste the Cel-Ray, made of seltzer, celery seeds, and sugar. Another Ny soda may be the historical espresso coffee soda. The latter could be tried in the Manhattan Special Bottlings. As for the Cel-Ray soda, it may be tasted at Dr. Brown's old factory.

  • Locations and names:

– Manhattan Special Bottlings, located at 342 Manhattan Avenue.

– Dr. Brown's old factory, found at 18 North 11th Street.

On a Brooklyn food tour, other eats worth trying range from the city's bagels and lox, found mainly in Greenpoint. Individuals are recommended to taste the herring, nova, lox, whitefish, trout, kippered salmon, and whiting in the iconic Acme Smoked Fish, found on 30 Gem Street.

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