Bellagio Patisserie: Visit To See Edible Artwork On the Plate

Many visitors visit the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas for the unique and coveted experience of staying in the famous Vegas Strip, the glitzy and thrilling experience of the casino, or the desired Fountains of Bellagio, the spectacle water and light which has even been immortalized in a single movie or two. But one spectacle no customer of the Bellagio should miss, the fantastic experience that simply really should not be missed? That would need to be Bellagio's food.

On the low floors of the Bellagio Hotel, customers will discover a glass and chocolate corner that will introduce their senses to a truly artistic experience. Walking into the patisserie, visitors are immediately brought to the sweeping, blown glass ceiling sculpture-like curved, thin sheets of ice is, curving above the round counter where row upon row of colourful, intricately build sweet confection sculptures are displayed; because they wait, customers can admire the Bellagio's, world-famous, luscious chocolate fountain, just in case anything else wasn't enough.

From the beautiful decoration to the beautifully decorated and exquisitely prepared food, the Bellagio Patisserie is a place not just to benefit from the delicious food – but your prospective customers are also invited to admire how their confections can be beautiful bits of artwork too.

Pastry experts at the bellagio patisserie

Bellagio Patisserie has French-inspired and authentic French patisserie – but what's that exactly?

French patisserie is really a world-renowned culinary sector that unites top-quality ingredients, inventive recipes, delicious as well as daring flavor combinations, with a goal of making pastries an ideal experience for the senses – thrilling the eyes as much as the tongue.

Serving French staples such as the Opera cake, macarons, éclairs, croissants, pain au chocolat, and truly magical crêpes, the Bellagio utilizes the famous patisserie techniques and gives them their own little twist: sandwiches combining beloved American ingredients and french cuisine, cupcakes standing beside rows of colourful macarons in a beautiful fusion of culinary worlds. Wherever tastes may lie, it stands the chance the Bellagio Patisserie may have something to impress you!

The breakfast experience at bellagio patisserie

The smell of freshly brewed coffee can reach guests before they are available to determine the famous counter where the Bellagio's pastries are created. Open for many of the day, the Bellagio Patisserie is able to whip up something delicious at any time, but there's something about breakfast that's just extra good.

After the exciting nights of Vegas, and, obviously, the thrills from the Bellagio casino, a top-tier breakfast is not only a nice vacation pro: it's a must.

Bellagio Patisserie serves an array of freshly made omelets, breakfast crêpes, breakfast sandwiches, croissants, and a selection of refreshing juices and energizing coffee; always made fresh as well as in the highest quality.

  • Hours: The Bellagio Patisserie is open Monday through Thursday from 7 AM to 6 PM, and Friday through Sunday from 7 AM to eight PM

The amazing chocolate fountain

Perhaps in an attempt to homage the spectacle from the water fountains out in front from the hotel, the Bellagio Patisserie hosts the certified biggest chocolate fountain in the world.

It's a sweet, chocolatey spectacle even as customers are browsing line: a cascade of sunshine and chocolates starts right below the ceiling, above even the chandeliers, above customers' heads, and rush down just like a real-life waterfall, from tens of suspended blown glass vases – which mirroring the fragile ceiling sculpture that takes up the majority of the room.

The chocolate fountain rises beside the confection counter where the chocolate goodies can be bought, where the pastry chefs can be seen making the orders in real-time, inside a culinary experience that's certain to grab your attention from the angle – and all sorts of that before even ordering!

It's a reveal that includes an amazing dining experience, as is expected from the wonderful realm of patisserie!

The pastries, of course!

Much like the best patisseries around Paris, Bellagio's countertops are full of patisseries that wouldn't look too unnatural in multiple art galleries, like a sort of bonus based on how they taste mouth-wateringly amazing.

Multicolored, light as a cloud macarons fall into line the pastry section, followed by rows of fruit tarts, cupcakes with glassy finishes, sculptural biscuit and tempered chocolate towers, many kinds of cakes – roll cakes, opera cakes, millefeuille, cheesecakes take over the counter. Bellagio has specialty made chocolate treat and a boulangerie section, filled with freshly baked goodies: crispy croissants, fluffy bread, cherry rolls, muffins, and pain au chocolat are the most popular products.

Last but certainly not least, the Bellagio gelato: if there's one item that must definitely be ordered in the Bellagio Patisserie are their crême de le crême gelatos, a burst of flavor, freshness, and creaminess for cooling off any hot Vegas trip.

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