A Four-Year Waitlist? This U.K. Tavern Pub Might Be Worthwhile

With an opening slogan like 'A Uniquely Inhospitable Place' along with 'Life is Brewtiful' across the website homepage, a pub like this can easily catch one's attention. Situated in Bristol, which is known for having a few of the U.K.'s most brilliant dishes beyond London, The financial institution Tavern is certainly on many foodie's bucket lists. However, those foodies may be waiting considerably longer if it's The Bank Tavern's Sunday roast dinners they're getting excited about.

At time of writing, this pub has a waitlist of roughly four years because of the backlog during the pandemic. Even without that, though, people are arranging simply to try it – as it is arguably the best roast dinner in any U.K.

The Bank Tavern & Its Long English History

The Bank Tavern hosts award-winning food and beer, out of the box its legacy. However, this legacy is a that dates back centuries, up to the 19th century, to be exact. Since the 1800s, this pub has held its doors open through an 'alarming number of riots, two world wars, Thatcher, and Bristol City Council,' according to the Tavern's website. All jokes aside, it's a remarkable bit of culinary history and one that doesn't appear to be going out of style in the near future. Not just is the historic location from the Bank Tavern alluring to people who have never been, but the scent of the food wafting out of its doors is most inviting.

The Bank Tavern speaks the reality when it claims that it takes pride in 'not taking itself too seriously,' and that's evident in the casual and jovial nature one will experience upon walking in. Having a range of award-winning ales and ciders, an evening at The Bank Tavern is a that's bound to be a good one, full of some of the London area's best brews and dishes. One, in particular, is so good that's it's caused a waitlist that spans for years.

The Famed Sunday Roast At The Bank Tavern

Throughout the U.K., Sunday (or every day) roasts really are a time-honored tradition. Roasts are as crucial a part of England culture, specifically, as burgers will be to summer BBQs in the U.S. Well, with a little more finesse and meaning than a cheeseburger, without a doubt. As a result, it's not uncommon for locals to head on Sunday to some restaurant that's noted for its Sunday roast dishes, such as The Bank Tavern.

The fame started in 2022 once the Tavern was awarded in the Bristol Good Food Awards, and just gained attention after being crowned with 'Bristol's Best Sunday Lunch' by the Observer Food Monthly Awards in 2022. The classic Sunday roast offers customers two options, and one is vegetarian. The dish incorporates local things that are sourced around Bristol, paving the way to the best local Sunday roast you will likely ever have in life.

With basics of either meat or vegetables, the dish towers on the plate with Yorkshire pudding and an iconic gravy. It's no wonder that people have resolved to wait 4 years with this dish; it's entirely well worth the early booking. Specifically, the Sunday roast includes the next:

  • A choice of dry-aged rare topside of beef, slow-cooked pork belly, or vegetable and lentil loaf
  • Yorkshire pudding
  • Roast potatoes
  • Parsnip puree
  • Creamy leeks
  • Braised red cabbage
  • Seasonal vegetables

All for lb11.95.

Dining At The Bank Tavern

Aside from the coveted Sunday roast, The financial institution Tavern also offers a menu that's available daily from 12 PM to 4 PM. While the roast is exactly what has customers bending towards the will of the intense waitlist, their alternative menu offerings are just as mouthwatering. For weekday lunch, The financial institution Tavern includes classic pub fare such as burgers, which customers possess a choice of a classic burger with cheese, a bean-filled beet veggie burger, and a pull pork BBQ burger. The primary dishes include shakshuka with feta, roasted pork belly with apple potato mash, rosemary chicken schnitzel, chicken and mushroom pie, and creamy durum pasta. Feeling especially peckish? Think about a small bite such as a Scotch egg, tacos, tempura mushroom bites, or poutine.

At the time of writing, The financial institution Tavern might possibly not have an area open every sunday for the following 4 years, but prospective customers will be pleased to know they can make a booking on most any other day of the week. Be it the roast or the atmosphere the first is dining in the Bank Tavern for, they may be assured that the experience will equally match that of the meals. If nothing else, a four-year waitlist a minimum of provides a traveler some time to determine travel arrangements beforehand!

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