This Neighborhood Is Home To San Diego's Best Mexican Food

Interstate 5 overhead, Sandiego Bay to the west and south, and Coronado Bridge spanning water, this really is Barrio Logan, a historically Mexican community which has developed into a bastion of cuisine and culture.

Here you'll find gatherings of hipsters enjoying hot dogs tucked in Sonora-style artisan rolls and spicy micheladas while they snap photos of their food blogs. There are also a few shops that the locals love that go as far back towards the early Twentieth century when immigrants streamed into the neighborhood so that they can escape the Mexican Revolution.

Commercial developments and changing demographics have brought new crowds to Barrio Logan, but still, its food continues to be an indication of the true origin from the neighborhood. So, if you find yourself in Barrio Logan, take a moment to understand more about one or possibly all six of the foodie destinations below.

A Brief History of barrio logan

It wasn't until the 19th century and also the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that saw San Diego rotate, no longer a territory of Mexico. Then, using the Mexican Revolution in 1910, 50,000 to 100,000 Mexicans fled north from Mexico. Some came simply to escape the violence, others came to begin a better life.

Though much is different in the area as city development has reshaped the neighborhood of Barrio Logan. Such construction projects. These include the construction of a naval base around the Neighborhood's waterfront and it is accompanying Coronado Bridge together with Interstate 5 have displaced many former residents. However, the area has persevered and its culture of delicious authentic food together with it.

The very best Mexican restaurants to try in barrio logan, san diego

!Salud Tacos!

Salud Tacos is really a hip authentic taco spot where one can expect quality ingredients at a good price. These bankruptcies are not your one-dollar street tacos. These are creative but nonetheless authentic tacos served for a modern crowd.

  • Address – 2196 Logan Ave. San Diego, CA 92113
  • Contact – (619) 255-3856
  • Hours – Tuesday through Sunday 12 pm to eight pm
  • Price – $-$$
  • What To Try – Cheese Birria Tacos
  • Menu

El Carrito Restaurant

You can virtually always expect a line but that's since it is worthwhile. The standard and areas of the meals are perfect and you won't pay an excessive amount of either. This restaurant has its own share of history too. It was an old cable car in the 1930s and was turned into the bustling spot for Mexican food that it's today.

  • Address – 2154 Logan Ave San Diego, CA 92113
  • Contact – (619) 501-0095
  • Hours – Monday through Thursday 8 am to 3 pm, and Saturday-Sunday 8 am to five:30 pm
  • Price – $$-$$$
  • What To Try – Chilaquiles
  • Menu

Barrio Dogg

Barrio Dogg is really a cool neighborhood hangout with possibly even cooler Mexican hotdogs. They operate out of a reasonably small space, but the colorful artwork makes you feel welcome. Plus, hot dogs are a good to-go food if you want to eat them on the road. They do in addition have a taproom, so you can devour some delicious dogs while enjoying a brew.

  • Address – 2234 Logan Ave. San Diego, CA 92113
  • Contact – (619) 546-7889
  • Hours – Everyday 10 am to 9 pm
  • Price – $-$$
  • What To Try – El Pueblito
  • Menu

El Salvadore~no

They opened their doors in April 1995 to diners in San Diego. The owners, Maria and Rafael, introduced Southern California towards the flavors of El Salvador. This restaurant's authentic taste and quality are evident. The food is delicious and well priced. It's kind of diverse from some of the spots nearby but totally well worth the visit.

  • Address – 2845 Imperial Avenue North park, CA 92102
  • Contact – (619)231-8254
  • Hours – Sunday through Friday 9 am to 7 pm
  • Price – $-$$
  • What To Try – Pupusas
  • Menu

La Fachada

A long-time local favorite, there is nothing extravagant concerning the outside of this taco shop aside from the food. Expect generous servings and a full stomach. The very best authentic tacos in North park might be found here. It is a favorite of the locals for any reason. Tacos don't need an extravagant atmosphere or frills if they're authentically delicious and packed with flavor.

  • Address – 20 25th St, North park, CA 92102
  • Contact – (619)236-8566
  • Hours – Everyday 6:30am to at least one:30am
  • Price – $
  • What To Try – Carne Asada Taco
  • Menu

Las Cuatro Milpas

Las Cuatro Milpas has become one of San Diego's most famous and legendary Mexican Restaurants. Among the items to make them very popular is their fried tacos. They are served alongside red rice, and refried beans as they happen to be ever since they were first served in 1933. Do expect lines and realize that patience is rewarded. The experienced cooks here make sure you leave satisfied.

  • Address – 1857 Logan Ave North park, CA 92113
  • Contact – (619) 234-4460
  • Hours – Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 3 pm, Saturday 6 am to 3 pm, Closed on Sunday
  • Price – $
  • What To Try – Fried Tacos
  • Menu

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