Penn Station Is More Than Transportation: How to locate The very best Food

Penn Station is iconic. It's not only symbolic of travel in New York City but it's also a historic landmark that gives way to the LIRR, subway line, and the Amtrak. There's no instant when Penn Station isn't bustling with people and while it's overwhelming for individuals who aren't native to this city, it's exciting in this way, too.

One of the first scents which will greet a traveler entering Penn Station from any quantity of its street-level entrances may be the food. It can best be described as a mixture of pizza grease, the aroma of fresh coffee, and the underlying hint of sugary pretzels within the distance. The amount of food stops found throughout Penn Station is quite staggering, but those new to the city should check these food stops off their lists, first.

The long-lasting Penn Station Foods

When it comes to probably the most iconic foods at Penn Station, three things must be on the list: pizza, bagels, and some type of sweet treat. Luckily, Penn Station has all of these engrossed in some food stops which are practically a historic landmark within the station.

Rose's Pizza & Pasta

The best pizza in Penn Station continues to be consistently voted as Rose's and, luckily, there's two separate restaurants within the station. This is very good news considering the sheer popularity of the joint, and first-timers should consider 1 of 2 options: an ordinary slice, or a Margherita slice. Obviously, it's easy to have your eyes turned by the lineup of options that greets customers when they walk into the restaurant, but these two flavors are classic New York City.

  • Where: Middle of the LIRR level floor


There is an infinite quantity of bagel shops throughout New York City and also the entirety of recent York State, in general. At Penn Station, Ess-a-Bagel has already established a long-standing reputation since 1976. The Austrian-based bagel chain offers 13 different types of bagels along with classic toppings for example flavored cream cheese and lox, with a choice of a lot more than dozens of kinds of spreads. The bagels will also be oversized, so be sure to arrive here early and hungry.

  • Where: While it isn't technically in the station, it is right down the road (108 W 32nd St.) – therefore it is worth stopping by in route in or out of Penn becasue it is considered a legendary station spot.

Magnolia Bakery

That's right – a brief history of this bakery extends outside of Sex within the City and has a little location right inside of Penn. While you will see many tempting bakery stops throughout the train station, there's just one Magnolia Bakery, and it is a must-stop for those with a sweet tooth. There's nothing like obtaining a lemon bar or banana pudding for the train ride back, and it is worth the line.

  • Where: Currently closed, but located on the lower concourse (LIRR level)

Relax & Grab A Bite

Just because Penn Station includes a track record of being a fast-paced port of transportation does not mean it isn't the place to find restaurants that offer sit-down service.

The Pennsy

The newest addition to Penn Station is The Pennsy, which is a full food court offering high-end, plant-based, and gluten-free options for travelers. It's home to a cocktail bar in addition to five upscale dining establishments, which makes it a pretty hot commodity for those passing through Penn with some time to spare.

Even those passing through without an appetite is going to be impressed with the coffee bar by La Colombe, serving up the best coffee in the station in the food court. Those looking for the best after-work drink will also be very happy to understand to the beer garden and will also be thoroughly believing that this food court does, indeed, have everything a foodie needs.

  • Where: Corner of 33rd and 7th (Penn Station & MSG)

Quick Eats

Sometimes, time is of the essence (particularly when catching a train). If your mad dash right down to the woking platform is in the cards, then a quick bite to consume is the only thing travelers will probably have time for. In this instance, there are a handful of options to tide one over until they are able to have a full meal.

Pret A Manger

Easily recognizable through the two glowing stars that flank its name, Pret A Manger cafes can be found through the city, especially in Midtown. However, in Penn Station, this sign is a glowing beacon for fast, good food. Whether it's a sandwich, salad, soup, or baked goods, this London-based cafe has something for everybody who's in a rush.

  • Where: Near harry potter 7 Avenue entrance to Penn

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice has a number of different options for those who are craving something healthy but don't necessarily have enough time to eat a whole meal. The juice is legendary out of the box the steel-cut oatmeal, that is advertised prominently front within the center at most locations. At Penn, it's a great stop to make for something that's healthy for you, could be consumed fast, and held with one hand while jumping on the subway with another.

  • Where: At the Amtrak level

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