Top-rated Restaurants To Try In Greece

Having a long and illustrious cultural heritage, Greece is among the world's most well-known holiday destinations. Aside from its enthralling natural beauty, Greek cuisine is continuing to grow, with vegetables, fish, meat, and oil mixed to create authentic Greek gastronomic options.

Whether visitors are searching for a fine-dining meal or simply some informal dining, Greek restaurants have a lot to provide when it comes to delectable cuisine. Greece provides an assorted choice of eateries to suit all tastes. Aside from conventional bars, Greece boasts a insightful excellent restaurants that provide Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. As a result, the following are the top-rated restaurants in Greece:

10 Spondi

Spondi's fame comes from its distinction because the 3 Michelin-starred restaurants in Athens, found at Pyrronos 5, Pagrati. The restaurant's mood is an excellent blend of brick and stone, developing a memorable ambiance, while the lighting arrangement results in a pleasant atmosphere making the restaurant popular for couples. Apart from its vibe, the restaurant serves delectable world-class cuisine always combined with wine. Furthermore, the Acropolis, along with the Panathenian Marble Stadium, are both within easy reach of the restaurant.

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9 Tudor Hall

Located at Vasileos Georgiou A 3, in George Hotel, Tudor Hall includes a lavishly furnished eatery situated on the seventh floor from the hotel giving a panoramic look at the Acropolis. The restaurant provides a twist to traditional Greek cuisine by occasionally including vegetables and convey. Aside from contemporary Greek cuisine, the restaurant also serves distinctive cocktails. Furthermore, it's been listed among the greatest restaurants in Athens, which makes it a must-visit restaurant in Greece.

8 Orizontes

Orizontes, found at Aristippou 1, atop Athens' tallest peak, Lycabettus, offers spectacular panoramic views from the city. The restaurant has been lauded by customers as one of Europe's most unique settings. Additionally, it takes pride in offering Mediterranean cuisine with different number of well-known Greek cuisine and is outfitted with high-quality modern ingredients. When the tourist is visiting romantic destinations in Greece, romantic dining alternatives could include dishes like smooth lemongrass sauce, Aegean grouper filet with sweet peppers, roasted sheep with beer, and many more.

7 Funky Gourmet

The Keramikos district is home to Funky Gourmet, that is a well-known Michelin-starred restaurant. The restaurant's gourmet expert provides Greek cuisine having a molecular complexity that's leading edge. It's also a well-known Greek restaurant that serves gastronomically unique Greek cuisine. Furthermore, they provide a distinctive flavor combination, with bottarga tart filled with chocolate and special cuttlefish oreo among their most widely used meals. A couple's dinner would cost $525 typically.

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6 Matsuhisa

The intoxicating water views and natural decor, along with the skillfully executed simplicity, frame the Ambrosia restaurant's remarkable brilliance, which is nestled inside the Astir Palace Resort and situated alongside the Aegean Sea. The menu of renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa has innovative fish sushi, developed entrees such as lobster salad and seared salmon with other sides. The restaurant also features a lounge along with a martini bar where guests can order mixed drinks while consuming the views.

5 Ambrosia Restaurant

The amazing brilliance of the Ambrosia restaurant, which is snuggled within the Astir Palace Resort and situated alongside the Aegean Sea, is framed through the intoxicating water views and natural decor, along with the perfectly executed simplicity. Nobu Matsuhisa's menu features unique fish sushi, developed entrees including lobster salad and grilled salmon, as well as other side dishes. As well as the restaurant, there is a lounge along with a martini bar where customers can order mixed beverages while admiring the views.

4 Aegli Zappiou

Aegli Zappiou is really a prominent area away from Athens' clamorous atmosphere, located in the heart of Zappeio Gardens. Besides the Lycabettus Hill, the restaurant also faces Acropolis, providing breathtaking views from an outdoor diner encompassed by greenery. The restaurant experiments with traditional Greek flavors to produce delectable dishes, and also the greatest part is the fact that everything they provide is incredibly affordable. Additionally, the very best dishes to try here include Orzo risotto with shrimp and mussels, beetroot salad, and fried cod with potato.

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3 Lithos Restaurant

Lithos Restaurant is among the authentic Greek restaurants in the district of Psirri. It is well-known for serving affordable, delicious meals, high-quality décor alongside its excellent lamb shank and seafood. It's a tavern that's been turned into a charming eatery. It is also popular among vegetarians, who may choose from an array of delectable vegetarian meals. Furthermore, it's also open Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m., and on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.

2 Captain's House

Situated in the Grand Resort Lagonissi, at Skala Harbor, is a well-known resort with several socially distinct restaurants that take advantage of the hotel's coastal location. The Captain's Home is one particualr restaurant that stands out because of its traditional Italian cuisine and beautiful surroundings. Guests can enjoy meals for example risotto containing seafood delights, zucchini flowers, veloute, and ravioli packed with ricotta. Furthermore, the restaurant can also be noted for serving the best foreign and domestic wines.

1 Klimataria

Klimataria is really a family-running restaurant that was established in 1927 and it is continuing its business operation at Pl. Theatre 2, Athens. The restaurant has been serving up nights filled with Mediterranean cuisine, music, and dance – a well known combination among Greeks. A must-try dish this is actually the 'tis-oras-, it is a grilled meat platter containing lamb and pork chops, spice-seasoned grilled meat, and biftekia. Additionally, the restaurant is also well-known because of its extensive wine options.

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