8 Foods That Canadians Adore (You need to Try)

Canada is not just noted for its gorgeous nature and iconic landmarks. The Great White North can also be noted for its food! Travelers may think of hot dogs and hamburgers once they think of United states delights, but Canada offers a lot more delights from coast to coast. From the world-famous poutine to the local favorite of berry pie, these Canadian favorites are certain to please probably the most passionate of foodies! Heading to Canada? Don't forget to try these eight foods that Canadians adore.

8 Poutine

  • Where To test It: Poutine La Banquise (Montreal, Quebec)

This Canadian classic is exactly what lots of people consider if they are inspired to consider Canadian cuisine. This comforting Quebecois dish includes fresh-cut fried potatoes, cheese fresh curds, and brown gravy. Hungry travelers can sample this Canadian delight from coast to coast in restaurants and fast-food chains. During their Canadian tour, tourists may come across Smoke's Poutinerie, a nationwide fast-food that delivers authentic poutine in a variety of flavors. Otherwise, hungry travelers can also visit Poutine La Banquise in Montreal. Since 1968, this poutinerie has served up hearty platters of traditional poutine and kooky varieties such as La Elvis (topped with hamburger, mushrooms, and peppers)!

7 Nanaimo Bars

  • Where To test It: Various restaurants/cafes across Nanaimo (British Columbia)

It seems like the Nanaimo bars were crafted with the sweet tooth in your mind. Using its origins from British Columbia's Nanaimo city (on Vancouver Island), this Canadian decadence is made with a coconut graham base, custard, and chocolate ganache. Travelers can enjoy the Nanaimo bar in lots of cafes from coast to coast. However, travelers could be remiss not to test these handheld delights in Nanaimo.

Though it's difficult to pinpoint specifically which establishments provide the best bar, the Nanaimo Tourism Board put together a clever brochure for tourists to find out through the Nanaimo Bar Trail. These desserts are great following a long hike around BC's most breathtaking hikes!

6 Ketchup Chips

  • Where To test It: Supermarkets all over Canada!

The elusive ketchup chips are proudly Canadian, which offers instant ketchup-like zing in each and every chip. Ketchup chips were created for foodies who enjoy everything tangy and sour. This Canadian snack favorite was created from the potato chip passions from the Hostess Potato Chip company. Today, the organization no more exists their ketchup chips are technically still on Canadian supermarkets shelves under their parent company Frito-Lay. However, because of the Canadian chip company, other snack companies have begun creating their very own ketchup chip products. As a result, tourists can click on any supermarket across the Great White North and stock up on this tangy Canadian classic.

5 Montreal-Style Bagels

  • Where To test It: St-Viateur Bagel (Montreal, Quebec)

Move over New York because Montreal has its own style of bagels! Montreal-style bagels are known to be crispy on the exterior and chewy on their own insides, having a hint of sweetness. The bagels are boiled in honey water and baked inside a wood-fired oven. These specialty bagels are delicious having a simple smear of cream cheese or butter, however they are also perfect on their own! Tourists going to Montreal can sample these savory delights at St-Viateur Bagel, that provides several cafes throughout the city. This bakery continues to be serving up Montreal-style bagels since 1957!

4 Bannock

  • Where To test It: The Bannock House (Regina, Saskatchewan)

This fried delight is rooted in Scotland but was introduced to Canada by Scottish explorers in the 1700s, specifically through the Métis peoples in Western Canada. Bannock is an unleavened fry bread made using cornflour (though traditional Scottish bannock is created using wheat). Tourists going to Canada can do this unique fry bread at The Bannock House in Saskatchewan's Regina city.

3 Atlantic Lobster Rolls

  • Where To Try It: Dave's Lobster (Halifax, Nova Scotia/Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island)

Very few things in life beat a savory and creamy lobster roll, particularly when its made using freshly caught Atlantic lobster. The lobster roll is an Atlantic favorite, made using fresh lobster meat enrobed in a creamy mayo-based sauce and served in the fluffy bun. Those who are getting hungry just considering these incredible rolls should directly to Dave's Lobster in Halifax or Charlottetown next time they finish up in Eastern Canada.

2 Maple Candy (Or Maple Taffy)

  • Where To Try It: Throughout Lanark County, Ontario (and in New Brunswick and Quebec)

Also known as maple taffy or tire d'érable towards the Quebecois, this sweet treat is made by pouring hot maple syrup over fresh snow, that is left for cooling and rolled right into a lollypop using a stick. This traditional treat is a favorite in New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario regions. Specifically, during the winter, travelers visiting Ontario can also enjoy some maple taffy at several sugar bushes together with Lanark County, lovingly nicknamed the Maple Syrup Capital of Canada!

1 Saskatoon Berry Pie

  • Where To Try It: The Berry Barn (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

The Saskatoon berry pie isn't any ordinary fruit pie. Originating in the Canadian Prairies, this specialty pastry is made with a filling of Saskatoon berries, a nearby fruit that resembles blueberries but has a nutty, almond-like flavor. With the perfect mixture of sweet and tart, hungry foodies can consider using a hearty slice from the Saskatoon Berry Pie at Saskatchewan's Berry Barn!

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