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Best gifts for travelers under $25

Ahead from the holidays, Lonely Planet staffers will always be asking themselves things to gift too long listing of traveling cousins, or how you can stuff several extra stockings. The items about this list from a personalized vaccine card holder to the most amazing journals or even a perfect first-aid kit hit just the right note to inspire wanderlust while staying budget-friendly.

Vemingo RFID-blocking travel wallet

Recommended by Fionnuala McCarthy, Lonely Planet editorial director

Travel wallets are most likely unnecessary a lot now, having a digital boarding pass and charge card all that's necessary to travel, but I'm old-school and always fearful of losing my phone or my battery dying, along with everything to do with our vacation. So I still bring a travel wallet on family holidays and carry everyones' passports, printed boarding cards, health insurance cards, and accommodation addresses. This one is super-handy, slim but with plenty of compartments, and it is bright, therefore it can be found easily in your luggage. It's also ideal for keeping everything together in one location at home, ready for the next trip.

Personalized vaccination cardholders

Recommended by Caitlin Riddell, Lonely Planet social media director

These synthetic-leather cardholders would be the perfect small gift for your vaccinated friends and family. Quality products with super-fast shipping, they are able to be also personalized for the next charge.

The ABC Travel Green Book: Connecting the African Diaspora Globally

Recommended by Alicia Johnson, Lonely Planet digital editor

This book is a necessary resource for locating black-owned businesses around the world, from communities, restaurants and festivals to all another black-first places you will find to understand more about.

Byta stainless-steel tumblers

Recommended by Anne Zalatoris, Lonely Planet lead account manager

Byta's 16oz tumbler is the best size for water, coffee or even outdoor cocktails on the go – top quality, cute and sustainable, it fits perfectly in cup holders and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. (Ice doesn't even melt!) Pair it with one of the brand's stainless straws, and customize it with your name or perhaps a phrase. (If you need something bigger, the 30oz version is ideal for hot yoga and hiking.)

Moleskine Cahiers journals


When I'm not editing travel content and creating amazing gift guides, I'm additionally a writer and a traveler, and these happen to be my go-to journals for a lifetime of trips. The XL version is thin and lightweight, and so i have a couple whether it's a very long trip, however i tend to locate one works just about right no matter what. They also look wonderful on my shelf, and I'm a sucker for the snazzy colors.

Jerry Q Art watercolor pocket set


Elevate your journaling with a compact, travel-friendly paint set – this tin is the perfect size to stow away and add a little color for your writing. It also has a water brush, which means you won't spill if painting in transit.

Seawhite watercolour travel journal


This little journal in the UK's Seawhite of Brighton is perfect for artists on the run. Its pages are ready for paint, and also the landscape design allows you to create entries as unique because the trip you're on.

Welly adventure kits

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet digital editor
From $4

These small first aid kits are amazing: they pack everything you may need into a tin so tiny it slides into any bag. I want one for my mom kit, one for my girls' getaways, one for hiking – in short, I would like them all.

Here's the thing in regards to a emergency first aid kit: you never know when you're have to one, however when you do, you absolutely. My first time out backpacking in Thailand, my travel companion and I realized our packs were way too heavy and purged our giant first-aid kits immediately upon arrival. Don't let this happen to you. (They're also an ideal little stocking-stuffer.)

Ultimate USA Travel List


For the first time ever, Lonely Planet's experts have compiled the USA's 500 most memorable, beautiful, surprising and compelling experiences. Ponder the scope of the Grand Canyon, explore the history of a nation of immigrants at Ellis Island or wander across architectural grandeur at Golden Gate Bridge. Where will you decide to go next? Please be aware, when the Lonely Planet shop says it comes out, you're certain to think it is at the favorite indy bookstore or other book retailers. There are many for everyone.

OLIKA hand sanitizer

Recommended by Jenn Chan, luxury travel, beauty and style expert and on-air host
From $5

With hydrating hand sanitizer this cute, you'll never reach for that bottle of basic gel again. The eye-catching, colorful bird design isn't just delightful and adorable, it's also sustainable, smartly designed to become completely refillable. Obtainable in six mesmerizing essential oil scents, it's a must for the whole family this holiday season.

Bombas Black Hive Collection vintage stripe calf sock

Recommended by Erin Lenczycki, Lonely Planet photo editor

I have a penchant for wearing my Keds everywhere, which don't possess the best support. But these socks – with padded bottoms, arch support and anti-blister heels – let me wear them on one of those 12-mile touring-the-cobblestone-city days. Plus, Bombas launched the Black Hive Collection this past year, highlighting black designers, heritage and style, and for each pair you purchase, the company gives back to Black-led organizations supporting the homeless community.

Yeti Rambler 10oz stackable mug

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet digital editor

These Yeti Ramblers keep beverages hot for a long time. They're going to school with my daughter for morning tea (they are doing that at her school), they're going on long, cold walks with our dog, and everything stays hot – sometimes hot!

Baggu reusable bags

Recommended by Sarah Stocking, Lonely Planet digital editor

These reusable bags have been commonplace in my luggage since my New York City aunt introduced them to me 20-odd years ago – she'd stash them in her own handbag so she always were built with a shopping bag, in case. My grandmother and I think it is genius, and they've traveled with me since. Sure, there are more brands, but Baggu is easily the most reliable, plus they're simple to neat and are available in all sorts of sizes and colors. No more plastic shopping bags for me!

Best in Travel 2022


Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2022 ranks the earth's must-visit countries, cities and regions to provide a year's price of travel inspiration. Browse the bit about Slovenia, it's the nation I'm encouraging my loved ones to buy tickets to this year. Please be aware, when the Lonely Planet shop says it's sold out you're certain to find a copy at the favorite indy bookstore or any other book retailers.

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