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Bolivia on a budget: see world-class sights for fewer bolivianos

Bolivia consistently ranks one of the top bargain destinations in the Americas. Using the country's famously diverse terrain, you are able to explore Amazonian rainforests, ancient Tiwanaku ruins and some of the planet's highest peaks on the relatively tight budget.

With lower living costs when compared with Argentina, Brazil and Chile, you are able to travel longer, eat more heartily and sleep for less money compared to nearly every certainly one of Bolivia's South American neighbors. Street food is incredibly inexpensive, hostels and guesthouses are some of the most affordable around the continent and, should you mainly travel by bus, you are able to explore everywhere without making a serious dent in your wallet.

Of course, international flights to Bolivia aren't cheap, cost for tours and entry fees can add up, and you will want to come prepared with the right gear for treks and national park trips to prevent having to hire or buy equipment locally. Here are our top tips on how to take advantage out of your budget on a trip to Bolivia, as well as advice on when and where to splurge.

Fly into Santa Cruz instead of La Paz

With its wild geography, colorful colonial-era buildings and proud Indigenous identity, La Paz captures the imagination of travelers far more than the modern and often brash town of Santa Cruz. Yet, cheap flights to La Paz are difficult to find, partly because of the tiny quantity of airlines serving the city's high-altitude El Alto Airport terminal.

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